Allison and Evan

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How We Met

We formally met at work, Horizon Media Inc, both of our first jobs right out of college. The company had a corporate tennis league that Evan was running and I wanted to join. When we introduced ourselves it was strange that we found out that we both grew up in neighboring towns, went to the same preschool, shared a few mutual friends and love of some great neighborhood restaurants, yet to our knowledge our lives never crossed paths until we started working. We even thought there was a chance we were in the same preschool class. Our friendship continued as good friends. It wasn’t until Evan got a job at another company about two years later that we started dating. Both of us started asking our parents to find our preschool photos and home videos to see if we really were in the same class. And much to our surprise, we were. We saw ourselves when we went to Evan’s house for Thanksgiving that we had so many photos and home videos of us sitting right next to one another and singing songs together. We got engaged this past August and for months leading up to this day, Evan spent long hours creating a video that he would show to me during his proposal. Since we both “re-met” at work at a media agency, the video was him walking around NYC receiving “signs” that I and he should be together forever. There were photos of us on phone kiosks, major billboards in Time Square, digital buses, on the front page of the new york times and much more. None of these were mock-ups, he really got our photos on all of these media platforms by calling in a lot of favors to the reps he formed relationships within his current job. And he showed me this video and proposed on my favorite beach in the Hamptons.

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how they asked

We had plans to go to the Hamptons that weekend and stay at my house in Water Mill. He told me that his friends were doing a clam back on Scott Cameron beach Friday night and he wanted to go. We got to the beach and I am looking for his friends and all of a sudden I see a beautiful table set up with champagne surrounded by flowers. He told me our anniversary was coming up and he wanted to do something special.

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He played me that video and then got down on one knee and a photographer captured the whole thing. We then went back to my house. I had thought my parents were in Philadelphia, one brother was in Michigan for work and other lives in San Francisco. To my surprise, my family and his family were waiting for us in the backyard to celebrate. It was the best weekend!
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