Allison and Erich

Image 1 of Allison and ErichErich and I met each other on the first day of fifth grade. We weren’t close until freshman year of high school, where we became best friends. We were both in serious relationships on and off through the years, but always knew we had feelings for one another. The summer before senior year, we both ended our relationships and started to see each other as more than friends. We have been happily together for three years now!

Erich and I are huge Portland Trail Blazer fans, so for our Friday date night Erich got us tickets to the game. He told me the game started at 6 so we got there around 5:45, only to find out that the game didn’t start until 7:30. I was annoyed but shortly got over it lol. As we were sitting there, our old math teacher (who works for the Blazers) came up to us and asked if we wanted to take photos at center court. I was so excited, I almost started to cry! When we got to the court, we got to meet our favorite players, Nicolas Batum and Wesley Mathews. I turned away for a quick second and when I turned back around I saw that Erich was on one knee! I couldn’t believe it! I was in such shock and couldn’t have been happier. When he stood up to give me a hug he told me that both of our families were up in a sweet and saw the entire thing. I couldn’t have been asked in a more perfect way!