Allison and Dustin

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We met freshman year of high school in art class. He remembers, I don’t. Fast forward about 16 years. Both single. His photo popped up as “someone you might know” on Facebook. I immediately requested him as a friend. When he accepted we immediately started chatting via messenger. At the time he lived in Winnemucca and I was living in Carson City, 3 hours away. I casually invited him to come visit and without hesitation he accepted my invitation.

The weekend we made plans to get together he unexpectedly had to fly to Seattle to pick up his car. He drove night and day to get back in time for our date. He is a complete gentleman and true to his word. He said we would meet up and we did. From the first date I knew he was the one. I was too scared to admit that (out loud), but I knew in my heart he was what I had been searching for.

Over the next few months we spent every spare moment together. Traveling back and forth between Winnemucca and Carson City. He even spent a day driving from Winnemucca to Carson City to pick me up, drove me to Elko (which is 305 miles one way) for an interview and then drove me back to Carson City. All because he wanted to make sure I was safe.

Fast forward through some exciting adventures at race tracks, out in the middle of nowhere shooting guns and blowing up pumpkins, photo excursions, a Valentine’s Caribbean getaway and lots of selfies, we found ourselves both living in Winnemucca again.

We talked often about wanting to get married someday and have a family together. When that “someday” started to become a reality my love began his quest for the perfect ring. He is very thoughtful and meticulous. Not just any ring would do. All along the way in his search he kept me informed of what he found or the lack thereof. He can’t keep a secret from me. I knew the exact moment he found “the ring” and I knew what it looked like. Again, he can’t keep a secret. The ring he chose still needed some finishing touches to make it “my ring,” so I had to wait. If you know me, you know I am not the patient type, but I had to constantly convince myself this moment was worth the anticipation. He is worth waiting for. When the jeweler informed him that the ring wouldn’t be ready when expected I got antsy. Remember, I’m impatient.

On a Monday in November, the 16th to be exact, we left the house with the intention of getting something to eat. He asked me what I would like, as he always does, and I responded with the option of Chinese. When he agreed my heart fluttered a little. I had a secret I was keeping from him and I thought to myself this was the day to tell him.

Dinner was nothing fancy. We both ordered Hot and Sour Soup and entrees. When we were nearly finished the waiter placed a small plate with the bill and two fortune cookies on our table. I quickly reached for the cookies and put them in my lap. My “secret” was in my purse and I was hoping to successfully and smoothly surprise him with it. I unzipped my purse and took out the prepackaged fortune cookie I had been concealing for a while and replaced one on my lap with it. When he held out his hand for his cookie I gave him the one I had taken out of my purse. I quietly/impatiently waited while he opened the cookie and read the little piece of paper tucked inside. The fortune read, “Life is to be fortified by many things, you are the greatest happiness of my life. Will you marry me?” He looked at the note for what seemed like an eternity and his response was, “I’ll have to think about it.” As I felt my heart drop a little he quickly added, “just kidding…yes!”

Did I steal his thunder? Technically, yes. Was he surprised? He says no.

Exactly one week later on Monday, November 23 the jeweler finally had the ring ready to be picked up. He told me I couldn’t have it until he got down on one knee and that wouldn’t be until dinner that night.

Finally, at my family’s home in Carson City, while I paced back and forth he got down on one knee, held up the ring box displaying the most beautiful diamond and sapphire ring I have ever seen and asked me, “will you marry me?”

Even though I knew it was coming I still felt the shock of the situation. As I clasped my face to conceal my excitement I came to the realization I get to spend the rest of my life with a man better than anyone I could’ve ever imagined

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