Allison and Dariusz

how we met

We met on Tinder. I was living out of state when we “matched,” so we only talked for a few days while I was in town. I felt a connection right away, but one day Dariusz just stopped talking to me. We had added each other on Facebook and I would periodically see what Dariusz was up to. I thought about deleting him, but never did. After about 5 months, I moved back to the area and decided to reach out. To my surprise, he actually responded and was still interested! We officially met a few weeks later and had our first date at the zoo.

how they asked

Dariusz was born in Poland and he’s always wanted to take me there. I’m a teacher, so we decided to go over on my spring break. We stayed at his childhood home in Sierockie. The town is in the mountains and absolutely breathtaking! Dariusz found old toys left in the house, which brought back a lot of memories. We spent the first few days exploring the closest major city, Zakopane. We were also preparing for Easter with Dariusz’s family. On Easter Sunday, we went to mass together. It was cold, foggy, and rainy. There was no room inside the church, so we stood outside in the cold. I remember thinking about how miserable I could be, but I looked up at Dariusz and realized this soggy moment was absolutely perfect. As strange as it sounds, I felt so happy and full. After mass, we changed into dry clothes. We needed to order tickets for something later on our trip, but internet was spotty and only worked in the attic. Dariusz led me to the attic and asked if I wanted to stand on the outside balcony. I walked out to the balcony and waited for Dariusz. When I turned around, I saw Dariusz pick up a giant wooden pencil and thought that it was another toy he had found. To my surprise, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Dariusz flipped open the “eraser” to reveal the ring. I was in complete shock! I couldn’t even answer. My entire body was shaking; my legs felt like jello. I asked if it was a joke. He proposed on Easter 2018, which happened to be April 1. Dariusz hadn’t even realized the date. We were going to see his grandma, babcia, later that day. He decided he wanted babcia to meet his fiancé, not his girlfriend. It never crossed his mind that it was April Fool’s Day! Right after Dariusz proposed, the rain turned into snow! There is no way it could have been more magical! Dariusz always joked that he had to “build a thing to make a thing” before he proposed. He built a pencil proposal box and then built a CNC machine in order to engrave the box with “Mrs. Jarosz.” I guess he really must love me to put in all that effort!