Allison and Daniel

How We Met

Danny(Daniel) and I have lived about a mile away from each other our entire lives. He and I attended the same middle school and high school. However, we only had ONE class together in those 7 years, 4th period Psychology in our senior year. We sat across the room from each other the entire year, and never spoke. He added me on Facebook shortly after high school, and that was that for 3 years.

Some of my favorite local bands were playing the night of my 21st birthday at the House of Blues in Anaheim. I had shared the event on social media saying “See y’all there! You can buy me a drink or I can buy you one!”. Danny jokingly commented “I I dont know who any of these bands are but you can buy me a drink lol :).” I was standing with my friends and family inside the venue when he and his friend (now, groomsman) Jorge, walked over. He swears that I must have seen them prior as I turned around and made eye contact, but I did not see them coming! Either way, Danny said it was the nudge he needed to make his move. Jorge stayed with my friends, while Danny walked me to the bar and bought me that drink; we both got Appletinis, but “don’t tell Jorge.” It was almost too perfect; the connection was instantaneous. The rest happened quickly and effortlessly.

(It was later brought back to my memory, by his confession, that he had attended a different show I was at a couple months prior, with the intention of making his move then. I had seen him and his friends walk in, but he had left due to parking issues, before we met… it just wasn’t the right time, yet.)

how they asked

I must start by saying I am a big indie movie fan, and particularly love the not-so-indie Wes Anderson films.

This summer, I turned 25. I am not a fan of making grandiose birthday plans for myself, and Danny was in finals at school that week and was scheduled to work on the day. He did, however, say he had dinner reservations that Friday, and he had the day off from work. However, Friday morning, I’m awoken EARLY, and Danny tells me that his job had called him in, but he’ll be off by 2. I am not a morning person, and despite not liking to make big plans, I do love to spend time doing anything with the people I care about; so this news is not going over well.

At about 1pm, Danny texts me that his boss is keeping him until 6. At this point, I am so mad that I don’t think too much about my family’s uncharacteristic behavior: going to the beach late in the day… dressing a little extra nice for GNO… plus not posting ANYTHING to social media, as my sister and friends normally would.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Danny's House

When he gets off work, Danny goes straight to his house to get ready and said he’d be picking me up at 7:30, as our “reservation” is at 8. I thought I’d at least get to see him before dinner, since I hadn’t seen him all day, or most of the week! At about 7:55(!!), he picks me up and I decided to let the hurt feelings of the day go so we could have a nice night. However, I couldn’t help but notice he was wearing a very old pinstripe jacket and bow-tie…weird.

Proposal Ideas Danny's House

Now, we’re on our way to the restaurant, so I thought, until he turns onto his street. And there’s my family’s cars… We pull into his driveway, and he pulls on this red beanie he had stored next to the driver’s seat. I am beyond confused, but also excited and anxious. With the biggest grin I have ever seen, he asks “you ready?!”

We walk through the house and into the backyard and “SURPRISE!” Our closest friends and family were all there, and after looking around I realize… I’ve just walked into a surprise-Wes Anderson-themed party!! There was a little piece of every movie decorating the space. A stuffed dog in a kennel surrounded by trash, a fox-tail and (rubber) chickens, a Khaki Scout tent, and even a picture of Owen Wilson on a cake reading “Woooow!”. Plus, many of our friends were in costume; Danny was Steve Zissou, hence the bow-tie and beanie! I went from feeling Danny was a bit too underwhelmed by my birthday, to being totally overwhelmed in about 10 minutes time.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Danny's House

After a while, I notice Danny is missing.. and so is his best friend. Shortly after this realization, the music is cut. Danny walked out, and retold our story: how I caught his attention from across the classroom, and that he wanted to ask me to prom, but didn’t know how to talk to girls, then. He finished by saying my 21st birthday was special, so my 25th should be, too. Then he got down on one knee.

I had imagined the proposal in a handful of ways, but never anything like this. To be surrounded by the people that have encouraged us from the beginning and mean so much to us was very special. I always tell Danny that he likes thinking of life as a movie, and that night he brought me into his movie-like world. It was completely surreal.