Allison and Corbin

Allison and Corbin's Engagement in 9/11 Memorial in Marlboro, New Jersey

How We Met

Allie and Corbin met 14 years ago in English class at Marlboro Middle School. After only a year, they had developed a special friendship. Unfortunately, the town redistricted Allie and Corbin to two different high schools. While Allie and Corbin wanted to maintain their friendship, being in two different schools was very difficult. However, during their senior year, Allie went with her friend Liz to Marlboro’s Battle of the Classes where after 3 years she saw Corbin again. They started dating and after only a month, Allie mentioned to Corbin she dreamt of going to Towson University. Corbin also thought it was a good idea to apply to Towson.

Corbin ended up attending Towson his Freshman Year and Allie stayed back home and went to Monmouth University – they dated again that year for about a month, but again they were too young to appreciate one another. After a year at home, Allie reapplied to Towson, got in and transferred to her dream school. Corbin and Allie spent 3 years at the same school, yet were in totally different circles, it was only in passing they would see one another. However, Allie always reached out to Corbin on September 11th to let him know she was thinking of him.

A year after both graduating from Towson University, Allie was invited again by her friend Liz to a birthday party where Corbin would be. It was there they realized THIRD TIME’S A CHARM! Corbin and Allie began dating casually and Allie would travel to and from Hoboken where Corbin was living at the time. On December 15th, 2013, Corbin asked Allie to be his girlfriend right in front of the big Christmas Tree in the middle of Rockefeller Center – it has become a tradition to go back every year on their anniversary!!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in 9/11 Memorial in Marlboro, New Jersey

how they asked

Fast forward to four and a half years later – and Allie and Corbin are engaged! Corbin planned the most special proposal at Marlboro’s 9/11 Memorial, allowing Corbin’s late father Robert to be a part of their special day. Corbin got down on one knee and FINALLY asked the question Allie had been waiting for. To make it even more special and sentimental the center diamond of Allie’s engagement ring is from Corbin’s mom’s original engagement ring from his dad, Robert. Corbin and Allie finished the night with their families and celebrated the next day with a BBQ with both family and friends! It was PERFECT!

Proposal Ideas 9/11 Memorial in Marlboro, New Jersey

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