Allison and Cohen

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How We Met

We met when we were 13 years old. My sister knew Cohen from the swim team and told him “You should date my sister”. He thought that was silly since he was so young. We met at my house one night and it was quite awkward since we both knew the amount of pressure coming from our friends to like each other. We hung out a couple times but didn’t talk much since Cohen was super shy. Eventually we were pretty inseparable.

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We did everything together and talked nonstop. We went on a couple trips and Cohen was always doing romantic things. We did not start dating until 4 years later. We dated about a year and then Cohen went to live in Argentina for 2 years and I went to live in Costa Rica. 3 years later I got home from Costa Rica and saw Cohen. It were as if we never left.

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how they asked

It was a hot day in July and almost everything was going wrong that day. Cohen had told me we had a date at 6. We went to a place called Box Canyon where we could hike and swim. It was a couple hours away. We hiked and swam to the bottom of the canyon and when we got to the bottom, a huge storm rolled in. It was hailing, raining and lightening. We had to try to get out quickly but it was slippery, dangerous, painful and up a canyon… after a few hours we made it to the top with a few cuts and bruises and raced back home in the storm. We made it… but not by 6… we got home around 9… so Cohen’s whole plan was crashing. I had no idea what the plan was but I told him we should do something anyways. He picked me up after I got ready, we went out to eat and then went to his house where his Volkswagen he had all throughout high school was. It was parked in the driveway with the side door open. There was a projector being played onto the garage and the movie was about to start.

It was the movie we first held hands to in theaters, The Blind Side. We climbed onto the couch in the Volkswagen and had popcorn and soda and candy. I thought that was the whole date but after that, he took me for a ride in the Volkswagen to where we first met (my old house), where he first told me he loved me, and where we first actually hung out. We pulled back up to his house and I thought the date was over. We walked over to say goodbye and he stopped me where we had our first kiss years before. He told me how he had wanted to be with me since we were young and how much he loved me. Then stepped on a button and lit up the whole arch and got on one knee to propose.

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All of our friends were hiding on the roof and in the bushes taking pictures and it was an amazing.

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It was magical!

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