Allison and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I first met back in 2006. I was best friends with his sister and at that time, he was just the “little brother.” We remained family friends for years. In 2016, at one of his family parties, my mom invited him out with us and he agreed. He was supposed to get there at 7 but was 2 minutes late and of course, I immediately started to text him asking him where he was. Well, he arrived at 7:02, and we sat and talked with each other all night like no one else was in the room. A few days later, he asked me on our first date to get ice cream. I knew after the first date that he was the one.

How They Asked

Cody and I went Black Friday shopping during the day. We spent the day together and when we went home I decided to take a nap. He told me that he was going to help my dad with a few things. He left for a few hours. Well, when he came back, he immediately walked into the kitchen to “put stuff away.” He then called me into the kitchen. I hesitated for a second and then said: “I’m coming.” When I walked in, he was down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” It was perfect.