Allison and Christopher

Allison and Christopher's Engagement in Central Park

How We Met

Chris and I met during the Spring 2011 semester at West Virginia University through mutual friends (shout out to our match-maker Katie). We were at a fraternity/ sorority social one night and we hit it off instantly – we even exchanged phone numbers before I left to go home with my friends. After that night I never heard from him again and shook it off as him not being interested. In hindsight it was probably for the best because finals and summer break were quickly approaching and the last thing either of us wanted was to startup a long distance relationship (he’s from New York and I am from Texas)!

Fast-forward five months later to the first WVU football game of the year where Chris and I ran into each other at a tailgate. As soon as I saw him I walked over and gave him a hug, not even thinking that he might not remember me. Luckily he did and I didn’t end up completely embarrassing myself. Chris and I ended up going to the game together and I may have forced him to hold my hand the entire walk to the stadium. We had such a great time and I think he was surprised by my love of college football (I did grow up in Texas after all). After that day we were pretty much inseparable and never missed a WVU football game together.

how they asked

After five years of dating and two of those years were spent long distance we had finally ended up living in the same city, New York City. Chris is a police officer for the NYPD so whenever he has a rare weekend off we try to make the most of it. Earlier in the week Chris told me that he planned something fun for us to do on the afternoon of Friday, November 11th. That Friday afternoon he picked me up from my office and handed me tickets to the MET, I was so excited because I had been begging to go to the MET for weeks.

As we were arriving at the MET we were talking about how beautiful the weather was, and how it would probably be one of the last warm days before winter. So last minute change of plans we decided to go walk around Central Park before going into the museum (he’s very good at making me think that his ideas are my ideas). As we were walking through the park we came to the famous Bow Bridge and stopped on the bridge to look at the boats and people watch.

Allison's Proposal in Central Park

He wrapped his arms around me, gave me a tight squeeze and before I could blink he was down on one knee. All I could do was laugh because I honestly thought he was joking, but through all the excitement I was able to muster up a “YES!”

People on the bridge crowded around us and applauded, and as I turned around I was shocked to see his sister and her two friends there taking pictures! It was a perfect moment on a perfect day.

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