Allison and Bryan

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How we met

My fiancé claims we met when we were kids around 10 years old when me and a few friends were riding our bikes but this I do not remember. We lived in the same town all our lives so I guess it’s possible. From what I remember I met her in high school, I was one of the typical high school guys that didn’t want to date just looking for a good time. Needless to say she was not interested. About 4 yrs later we started hanging out due to mutual friends dating witch caused us to start dating.

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I immediately fell in love with her after the 1st time we kissed as we walked into a party. A time I will never forget. I remember I first asked her out during a Dave Matthews band concert. Since then in the past 6 yrs we have been to 43 DMB shows together. We agree to disagree that DMB brought us together officially.

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how they asked

In our 1st year of dating, Alli would tell me it was her dream to get asked on a hot air balloon. Over 6 years later I still remembered her saying this, so as soon as I got over my fear of heights I decided it was time. I told her I was taking her out to dinner, after a 45 min car ride she started asking questions and getting nervous. The look on her face when she saw the hot air balloon was priceless. Whether she knew what was going on or not after seeing it I knew she was my soulmate and best friend and I’m glad I got to make it memorable for her.

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