Allison and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I were only dating for a year before he proposed. I know some people would say “only a year?!” but when you find that right person, you just know. However, our families have known each other for over 9 years. It’s amazing how fate and timing works. I would always talk to his mom and sit next to her because she was like family to me. One Sunday morning, his mom says to him, “this is the cute girl that I wanted you to meet”. We were so embarrassed because she said it so loudly! It all came naturally after that.

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how they asked

Our anniversary was coming up and we planned a trip to New York. I was super excited! It was finally July 11th, the day of our anniversary. He said he planned a dinner with his sister and a couple other family members. The restaurant was beautiful and the food was amazing. Words could not describe the scenery. It sits right on the water and to your right is the Queensborough Bridge. I was pressuring him the whole time because I wanted him to tell the waitress that it was our anniversary so she would give us a little cake and candle like how they give people on their birthday! His cousin told us that we should go outside and take pictures by the water so we all went. The sun was setting and it was beautiful, also perfect timing. As soon as we finished taking pictures, I heard his cousin say “GO” and I was completely caught off guard. Everybody was taking pictures but they had their phones ready to record right after! He got down on one knee and while he was talking to me, I heard his voice cracking and I saw the tears in his eyes. I couldn’t help but cry. It’s amazing how in that moment, your emotions take charge. When we came back into the restaurant, the manager had champagne and strawberries on the table and dessert for us. Everyone knew what was going on except me!

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