Allison and Brian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How We Met

Allison and Brian met on a Spring night in Old City, Philadelphia. Allison was walking home from an intramural sports league and was called into a bar on 2nd Street by a fellow player for “one more drink”. This bar happens to be Allison’s least favorite spot in Old City so she declined the first two times he asked. This bar is, ironically, Brian’s most favorite, so luckily Allison caved the third time she was asked.

Brian will say he sat down next to Allison at the bar because his feet hurt from his cowboy boots (yes, Brian was wearing cowboy boots in Philadelphia…in June) but no matter what the reason was, the two got to talking. They talked all night, until the last call actually, and then Brian walked her home. He asked for her number and then asked her to lunch the next day. Brian worked in New York at the time but quickly made the decision to transfer back to Philadelphia so the two could spend more time together.

Allison's Proposal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How They Asked

When it came time for Brian to propose, he commissioned Allison’s favorite Philadelphia artist, Ambarella, to create custom artwork to post around Race Street Pier, Allison’s most favorite spot in the city. On the day of the proposal, Allison said she didn’t want to go to the pier because they had plans with friends, but Brian finally convinced her after several stops in boutiques and coffee shops near the pier. As they were approaching the pier, Allison noticed the artwork and asked Brian if he knew what it was for. Brian stayed silent until Allison figured it out and exclaimed, “Wait, is this for me?!” Brian got down on one knee and Allison, of course, said yes as the bystanders cheered.

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Proposal Ideas Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Allison and Brian's Engagement in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A few of Allison’s friends were hiding behind trees nearby to snag some photos and celebrate with the couple. And, turns out, those plans with friends were fake all along. Who would’ve thought a vegetarian from New Jersey would end up with a carnivore from Texas.

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