Allison and Brandon

How We Met

I met Brandon a little over 7 years ago when I was 15 and he was 17. We grew up in the same town but didn’t meet until I was about to enter high school. After we met briefly before my freshman year, we would chat every once in awhile but I was so convinced he would never be into me because I was just a little “freshman”. However, in the springtime, our love story began to pick up and he would invite me to go on more dates with him and he would come, watch all of my lacrosse games to cheer me in. In March of 2012, we were attending a mutual friends Sweet 16 and started dancing together. While we were dancing, I reached in to kiss him and I must have sealed the deal because shortly after that, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

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Since Brandon and I have been together for so long, the future is something we talk about often. Now that we are both out of college and living in the same city again, I had quite a feeling a proposal would be in my future super soon. When B asked me to not make plans the weekend of the 23rd, I figured this was going to be the day he would ask me to marry him. However, even though I was sure of this, he managed to trick me and surprise me with the proposal of my dreams.

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We started out the day by going to one of our favorite breakfast places to share a yummy meal. Then, he took me on surprise dates around our favorite spots in Orlando for the rest of the morning. We went to a nature preserve, Disney, miniature golfing, and then headed back to his house to change. After we put on something a little fancier, he took me to one of my favorite gardens where we’ve spent many Valentine’s Days together. I thought FOR SURE this would be the spot where he would ask me to marry him. While we were strolling through the rose garden, one of my best friends who is also a photographer, popped out and said we were having a surprise photoshoot! I was thinking to myself that this could not be any more obvious but I was so excited and ready for him to get down on one knee. As time passed and we were about to leave the garden, he still never proposed so I was thinking that my theory was totally wrong.

After the garden, he took me to grab a sweet treat, coffee, and then we went to my favorite dinner spot. Before we sat down to eat, I confessed to him that I thought he was going to propose to me that day. I was even complaining to him that now I would have to get a new dress and my nails done all over again…ha! He played it off so well and I was 100% convinced he wasn’t proposing that day as I originally suspected.

Oh, boy was I wrong! After dinner, he took me to a dock where we often watch the sunset. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but then I noticed the rose petals spread out all over, along with candles, and floating lanterns. My friend Faith popped out with her camera once again and the happy emotions started flooding my whole body. After we let out some floating lanterns, he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I have never cried such intense happy tears in my life and have been smiling ever since that night.

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