Allison and Blake

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How We Met

Blake and I met on Hinge in October of 2018. He was attracted to a picture on my profile of me with a monkey, and I was attracted to a picture of him with a girl clearly cropped out of it, haha.

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After a couple of days of messaging, we decided to meet in person. He was so considerate and traveled an hour in rush hour traffic to a wine bar that was only 5 minutes away from me… and I was late! Oopsies. Luckily the rest of the date went really well, and over the next several years he taught me all about punctuality.

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How They Asked

For Christmas, Blake told me he booked a private tour of the Giants stadium – a super cool & sentimental gift because my dad & I had wanted to visit every MLB stadium before he got sick with stomach cancer… and Blake had vowed to continue this tradition with me in honor of my dad. I felt there was a 32% chance he could propose during the tour, but then a week before the proposal, Blake picked a really (really) convincing fight and said he wasn’t ready for marriage for another 2 years. *nervous laughter*.

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The private tour started out like usual stadium tours, except the tour guide took us directly to the field – which I thought was so cool but uncharacteristic, so I whipped out my phone to get a picture of the view & take a ton of selfies. But, the tour guide started tour guiding & turned my attention away from the Jumbotron. In my head, I’m thinking “OK cool story bro, but I want to take pictures of this for Instagram”. After a few minutes, Blake taps me to look at the Jumbotron to see “ALLY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

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At first I was like WOW Blake, is this another fake-out (much like the ones for the past several months where he would kneel in front of me just to tie his shoes or pick something up off the ground). But then he started to say the sweetest things, including that he wanted to incorporate my dad’s presence by being at the field. Needless to say, I bawled crying before eventually screaming yes! THEN, out from the Giants dugout come our closest friends from all over the country. They had all impressively kept this epic secret for the past several months!!

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To be honest, my face still hurts from all the smiling.

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Special Thanks

Jeanie Horton
 | Photographer
Mason Kendall
 | Planning
Box Sock
 | Where the ring box was hidden