Allison and Andrew

How We Met

We met each other at Bridgewater College, where we both attended. I first saw Andrew when I went to a football game and he was a player on the team. I found his name off the teams roster and immediately followed him on instagram. He was handsome, athletic and tall! Everything that I could ever want! The first time I passed him, I smiled and said hello to him. I then immediately called my Mom and told her I just passed the “tall guy” and that I was going to make him my husband one day!

How They Asked

We knew that we wanted to marry each other for a long time and we picked out the ring together! I figured that he was going to propose to me soon after he got the ring. I had a feeling it would be on our family beach trip. I expected him to propose at the end of our trip when we were dressed up for a fancy dinner. However, my Mother and him came up with a plan for him to propose early on in our vacation that way we had the rest of the week to enjoy our engagement. The day he proposed we were cooking dinner at the beach house and decided to go sit on the beach to watch the sunset. We all walked down to the beach together and sat and watched the waves as the sun set. I turned and looked at Andrew and said “It’s insane how in love with you I am.” To which he replied: “I love you too and I want to show you how much I love you.” He shot a thumbs up at my family and then he proposed. It was better than I ever even imaged it would be. We were in our normal clothes, surrounded by family, in our favorite place. It was perfect, it was magical, it was us!


Special Thanks