Allison and Alec


How We Met

I met Allison through my cousin, who was on our high schools dance team with her. I was a senior and she was a sophomore, and I had always seen her around school, but it wasn’t until a party where we officially met, talked and exchanged numbers, that our relationship began to form. We texted and would hang out in groups and then eventually started going on movie dates, which led to romantic dates, and then on Aug 13th, 2008 I asked her to be my girlfriend at PF Chang’s. I think we also saw Tropic Thunder the movie that night. The rest is history…

how they asked

I had set up with Jet Boy Helicopters a Romance Package that included a sunset tour of Hollywood Hills and most of Los Angeles, which also included a decorated gazebo with roses, lights, champagne and pastries. I had gone out to Van Nuys Airport, which is where Jet Boy’s hangar is located, the day before to prep and coordinate with the Pilot and my buddy from work who’d pretend and dress up as a Jet Boy videographer for a ‘promotional video’ to capture the moment.

November 4th was her birthday, so I had told her that night we’d be celebrating her birthday the following day and that I’d give her my gift then…I picked Allison up around 3:15pm, with her knowing nothing about the surprises ahead, having her think we’d only be celebrating her birthday. So we drove up North to Van Nuys Airport and on arrival were chauffeured to Jet Boy Helicopters Hangar, where we would check in and enjoy a beautifully decorated gazebo inside the hangar with roses, champagne and pastries (photo at the top). We then made our way out to the helipad where the pilot would give their instructional tutorial on how to enter and exit the plane appropriately. We took a few pictures in front of the helicopter and just as she was about to board, I grabbed her hand and dropped down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.



We proceeded to hop on in the helicopter and went up in the air to enjoy the sunset and the beautifully lit areas of LA.


The surprises didn’t stop there however, after the helicopter ride I had told her that we had a dinner reservation at 7:30pm, but what she didn’t know was that I had booked a private room for both our families to surprise her at Yamashiro’s Japanese Restaurant, which overlooks all of Beverly Hills and Hollywood. We arrived on time and both families surprised her. We enjoyed the rest of the evening opening birthday gifts, sipping wine and enjoying some fine gourmet Japanese food. She could not stop looking at her ring and I could not stop smiling. Mission accomplished.


Our Video

Today at 5:55pm I surprised Allison Martinez on her birthday with a ring and a start to a new chapter! Couldn't be...

Posted by Alec Fujimoto on Sunday, November 6, 2016

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