Allie and Will

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How We Met

It all started at the IM Fields… Really, it did! It was fall of freshman year at UGA and I was out on the field warming up for my intramural soccer game when I saw this stunning blonde guy walking across the field. I thought to myself, “Wow, college guys ARE really cute!”, only to find out a few minutes later that he was not only there to watch my game, but also that he was dating a girl on my team at the time. Huuuge bummer, right? While I may not have scored Will that day, I might have scored a few extra goals anyways…

I wouldn’t call the first time that I saw Will “love at first sight”, but God definitely unknowingly stirred something in me that said “remember him.” And I did. Over the next few years, Will and I would run into each other on campus and at greek life events, but it was never more than a quick hello until junior year when we ended up in a class together. Thankfully, this class only had about 15 people in it and it was led by a professor that I had just spent the summer studying broad with. Needless to say, I was a star student. Because the class was so small and it was a hands-on journalism class, Will and I had several opportunities throughout the semester to chat and show off our witty (corny) humor, and slowly but surely became better friends.

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However, it took Will until that December and seeing me in gold, glittery leggings with a t-shirt that I made proclaiming “Happy Holla-Dayz” for him to realize, “hey, that girl in class is really pretty.” What can I say? I clean up nice for Tacky Christmas date nights. I’m not sure how he continued to resist the girl in the glitter leggings for another 6 months, but the summer after junior year, we finally connected for real with a little help from our friend, Tinder. Yes, it’s true…we’re kind-of, sort-of a Tinder couple (insert super embarrassed emoji). That summer, Will was working in Athens, while I was interning in Atlanta, so after about a week of talking non-stop, and me already planning on coming up to Athens to see a friend, Will asked me on our first date. Flash forward to June 25, 2014 and me panicking all day about our date and what I should wear and what I should do if it was weird. Flash forward again to that evening and from the second Will hugged me outside of the restaurant, I knew that this was going to be different. And wow, if only I could have captured that feeling of our first date in a bottle and kept it forever. I think people always hope and wish to feel known, and on June 25, 2014, I finally did.

We often talk about how awesome it would have been to fall in love when we first met, but we are both so grateful for our individual paths that have led us to the people that we are now. To me, Will will always be a picture of what it means when we talk about how perfect God’s timing is. From the get go, Will has consistently shown me immense patience, kindness and grace. He has made me laugh until I can’t breathe, encouraged me to try new things, made me binge watch far too many TV shows and become a sports expert by association. He consistently shows me that love is not merely a feeling, but an action and something to be guarded with the utmost integrity. I could not be more proud to be a member of #TeamWillie and I’m so excited that this is only a scratch on the surface of our journey together.

how they asked

Will and I had talked about getting married for a long time and during the summer of 2017 he told me he would propose by the end of the year. needless to say, I tried my very best to be Nancy drew over the coming months, hoping I would make him or a friend slip up. turns out, I am not a very good detective.

Will and I had plans to go to dinner with my family to visit with my aunt who was in town for the holidays that evening. I thought it was a little strange that we were having dinner at 5:30 and that my parents were willing to drive to a restaurant further than three miles from their house, but I was so excited about them trying a new restaurant I didn’t ask any questions. Plus, I had spent the whole previous day with both of our families and somehow everyone acted TOTALLY NORMAL. I am still amazed at everyone’s ability to act like normal human beings knowing what was coming 24 hours later.

Regardless, Will came by to pick me up for dinner where he found me in my flannel pajamas and not dressed for dinner at all. He discreetly helped me pick out an outfit and off we went. On the way to dinner, I thought the GPS was taking us a weird way, but Will coolly played it off that there must be a wreck on 75. (Turns out there actually was a bad wreck, so hopefully those people are okay!) As we got into the city, we drove under the Jackson Street Bridge which is one of my favorite spots in Atlanta. It has gorgeous views of the skyline (I love, love, love a good skyline) and I get so excited every time I have the chance to stop by and snap a cool pic for my Instagram. As we drove by, I said “AH! The bridge!” and Will suggested that we stop and take some pictures. I declined, but he insisted that we had time to stop. Never one to turn down an opportunity to keep my Insta game strong, I agreed.

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Once we got on the bridge, there were tons of other photographers and people there, and Will helped me find a spot to take my shots. I recently upgraded my phone and was STOKED about how the skyline was looking. Will suggested that we take a photo together and I responded with “Who is going to take it?” while still excitedly snapping away at the city. Will said “what about this girl?” to which I turned around and saw my best friend, Christine, who lives in Los Angeles standing there. I screamed and immediately realized what was about to happen. When I turned around, Will was down on one knee and asked me the question I had been dying to hear for months (okay, maybe years…) I’m pretty sure I half cried/half screamed YES!

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Afterwards, while still very much in shock, Will told me that were not actually going to dinner with my family, but that we did have a dinner reservation at one of our favorite restaurants, so off we went to eat dinner for real. When Will and I had talked about getting engaged, I had told him that it was important to me that we celebrate with our friends and family and that if possible, I really wanted to hug my mom that night and not have to call everyone. On the way to our real dinner plans, Will told me that he had tried to plan a party for us that night, but with it being the day after Thanksgiving people were still out of town and we were having an engagement party the next night. Again, major wannabe Nancy Drew failure here because I didn’t doubt him…turns out, all of our amazing family and friends were waiting back at my house to surprise me and celebrate #TeamWillie.

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As a self-described perfectionist and party planning pro, I think I have finally met my match :) November 24, 2017 was everything I could have ever dreamed of, so I can only image what is in store for July 14,2018 and beyond. To our friends and family who made this day possible, we can never say thank you enough. We love you endlessly and the day would not have been complete without you!

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The dream team, Will and Christine.

Special Thanks

Christine Young
 | Planning
Mary Hannah Harte
 | Photographer