Allie and Tyler

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How We Met

While watching television one night, my parent’s saw Tyler pitching for Vanderbilt in the College World Series. Being a baseball coach himself, my dad noted what great mechanics Tyler had, while my mom noted how cute he was. The next morning at breakfast, my mom mentioned to me just how handsome Tyler was, and that I should Google him and look him up. I was not into the idea, but after much persistence from my mom I finally gave in and looked up #11.

From there, I followed him on Twitter (yes Twitter- thank you social media), and Tyler immediately messaged me. That night, Vanderbilt won the College World Series, and we began messaging each other back and forth daily. A few weeks later, Tyler invited me out to San Francisco where he was signing a contract to play baseball professionally with the Giants. We first met at the game, where we ended up having our first kiss on the Kiss Cam!

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how they asked

As a huge country music fan and actress, being in a country music video has always been on my bucket-list. When I got a call from a director I had worked with in the past, I was stoked to learn that he wanted me to be in a new country video he was working on. I got even more excited when the director asked if my boyfriend was also available to play my love interest in the video.

November 22nd, 2016 came and I had already been on set a few hours getting my hair and makeup done, wardrobe ready, and filming a couple of the intro scenes to the video. Later into the night came Tyler’s scene, where we were slow dancing in a crowd along to the song. The director instructed the rest of the crowd to pull back a bit, so the camera could focus more on Ty & I better. With the music still playing, and the cameras rolling, Ty began to tell me how much I meant to him and how much he loved me. It took me a bit to figure out that Ty was actually proposing to me, until he finally got down on a knee and it all clicked!

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Tyler had my family, his family, and my two best friends come in for the surprise to make it a true picture-perfect Hollywood ending.

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