Allie and Torrey


How We Met

Torrey and I met in high school math class, Sophomore year. We both instantly had a crush, but did nothing about it for 6 years. Torrey always made me laugh and was always someone who made my cheeks turn pink when he walked into a room. We were always drawn to each other. My friends always joked with me that I was going to end up marrying him. We stayed friends and had mutual friends throughout high school and through college. In college, senior year, we both were single on Valentines Day. We decided to celebrate our loneliness together, not knowing that we would be spending every Valentines Day after that together as a couple!

how they asked

This summer, my family bought a beach house on Topsail Island, NC. Everyday we spent at the beach house, we would always go and watch the sunset at our favorite dock on the inner coastal waterway. My birthday weekend was Memorial Day Weekend so all of my family was together. Torrey snuck me away to take me to our favorite spot. We went there everyday so I had no idea that anything was going to happen. When we stepped on to the dock I could tell that Torrey was nervous but couldn’t figure out why. We walked out to the end of the dock and he, in a very sweet and shakey voice, told me all of the things he loved about me and our relationship. He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.



When we got back to the house with huge smiles on our faces, his and my whole family surprised us, waiting on the front porch with champagne!


Special Thanks

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