Allie and Tom

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How We Met

A large part of what drew me to Penn State in the first place was the opportunity to be involved in THON. During my first week of classes I joined Springfield, a club dedicated to raising funds for THON, though I had no idea then just how good of a decision that was. I can’t remember exactly when I met Tom; throughout that first year I was aware of his existence and involvement in Springfield but never really spoke to him other than a passing “hello.” Late in my sophomore year we just became friends. It just happened, suddenly and spontaneously. At the same time I developed a bit of a crush. I can remember saying to one of my best friends during a late night conversation that he was such a genuinely good guy that any girl would be so lucky to date and eventually marry Tom. Little did I know…

how they asked

We were spending the weekend in State College, a bit of a vacation. He had arranged for us to walk around inside the Bryce Jordan Center Saturday afternoon; while inside, he kept saying how so many important events in our lives had happened there. I was starting to wonder if he was about to propose when he somewhat suddenly said we could leave. As we walked towards campus, he suggested we go take some selfies in front of the “We Are” statue. I happily agreed, trying to push the slight disappointment out of my mind. Once we got closer to the statue, I realized that a good friend of ours was sitting there with his camera. He covered for himself, saying he was taking graduation pictures for a sorority in a few minutes. Tom asked if he would mind taking pictures of us since he was already there. My mind was racing and heart pounding, I was so sure it was about to happen but I didn’t know what he had planned and felt a little awkward being out in public. After a few pictures, Tom went to retrieve something out of his backpack. It was a THON shirt from my senior year, styled like the ones that the official dancers receive. He handed it to me and told me to look at the back. As my eyes processed the words “Will You Marry Me?” on the back, he got down on one knee.

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Special Thanks

Andrew Boynton
 | Photographer