Allie and Tim

How We Met

Tim and I are college sweethearts! We met on our college move in day at Chapman University our freshmen year. Tim and his suite mates went around to all of the rooms in our hall and introduced themselves. From there, we hit is off as friends, and made it official on April 16th, 2014!

How They Asked

We recently moved up to Northern California, so made a trip down to our old stomping grounds over President’s Day Weekend. The entire day I had butterflies in my tummy wishing it would be the day Tim would get down on a knee, but knowing we had plans to see friends that evening, I knew it couldn’t possibly be the day. We were on our way to the Ritz Carlton in Laguna to “meet up with some friends for happy hour”. I was giggling to myself on the car ride down because I could have sworn I saw a box in his pocket, but then I remembered we were going to happy hour and told myself I was ridiculous for thinking Tim could be proposing any minute. We got out of the car to pay for our parking when Tim took out what I thought resembled the shape of a ring box, and it turned out it was just his wallet.

Allie and Tim's Engagement in Treasure Island Park, Laguna CA

Where to Propose in Treasure Island Park, Laguna CA

So from that point, I knew I was being silly. We walked down the path along the beach and eventually passed the Ritz. A day that was forecasted to be rainy, ended up being a perfectly clear evening with blue skies. We stopped at a beautiful look out when Tim announced we weren’t actually going to happy hour with our friends. He squeezed my hands, said a few words, and got on a knee. It was the most perfect moment!

Special Thanks

Larissa Bahr
 | Photographer