Allie and Ryan

how we met

We met in High School at a mutual friend’s birthday party at a “Cheeburger Cheeburger” (remember that place?). For Allison, it was love at first sight, though she might not admit it! Ryan was eventually convinced that his first love (football) could be put aside occasionally to spend some time with the pretty girl who admitted to liking him early in their friendship.

how they asked

Allie: I always knew Ryan was the one. Maybe at 15 I wasn’t totally sure what that meant, but I knew in my gut that he was my person. That’s why I put myself out there and told him that I liked him after only just meeting him. Fast forward 12 years – through all of the ebbs and flows of life and trials and tribulations that our relationship has experienced, his love is always constant and ever present, and his willingness to weather any storm with me is unchanged. Everyday his consistent presence and commitment to our relationship is a daily reaffirmation that he is my one.

Ryan: I’ve known that Allison was the one since we first said “I love you” way back in sophomore year of high school. I can remember the moment so vividly, exactly down to where and how I was sitting. Something about those butterflies in my chest that I just could never forget – I just knew that this was going to be something special. It has only been confirmed through how close we have grown together over the almost 12 years of our relationship. Through the long distance, multiple cities, hardships and triumphs, we have persevered, and I cannot imagine doing this thing called life with anybody else.

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