Allie and Richard

how we met

Me and Allie first met in high school. She is actually a couple years older than me so she was a senior aid. I remember how beautiful she was and asking my classmates what her name was. If you would had told me then that she was going to be my wife I would have never believed you. I was a skinny kid with glasses and she was an angel. We ran into each other a couple years later at a church service and connected.

how they asked

As I said that night I started saving for a ring it was a little while later when we decided we were going to go by a ring shop just to look at rings. We had gotten lunch that day and had some time to kill so we went to a jeweler just to mess around. She tried some on and wrote what she loved down for that one day I decided I was going to move on proposing to her. About a week later I got the idea that I was going to do it on Christmas. I texted my buddies and talked to her family and we decided that yes we were going to do it. Back in August we had made plans to take a Christmas trip to Dahlonega, Georgia. We had heard about how beautiful it was at Christmas so we decided we were going to go. I decided this is when I wanted to do it. I got linked up with Hitesh through a friend and me and him talked a lot about the plan of how I was going to do it. It was a fun experience because I would drop subtle hints she would never pick up on. In the song Big Big Plans by Chris Lane they have a line where it says “she don’t know I already bought a ring” I would say she really doesn’t know and she wouldn’t pick up on it. Hitesh gave me a few different spots to choose frok that were great but one I fell in love with. I bought the ring she wanted and it was off to Georgia. The entire day I proposed on I was nervous but it was a fun experience. When it got time to do it I had bought an ornament off etsy that was a ring box. I had it the whole day and told her I had bought it in an antique shop I was in earlier. When we got to the spot our son was going to bring me the ring and I was going to propose. When I got to the spot Braxton brought the ornament over and I showed it to her and she didn’t really realize why I was showing her an ornament. Now I had all these things saved up in my head about what I was going to say but Braxton actually stole the show. He yelled out “BUT MAMA ITS NOT JUST AN ORNAMENT” and I opened it and Braxton started saying lines from a tiktok video he memorized. He said “will you marry me? Why? So we can eat wedding cake!” So while it didn’t go exactly as I had it all planned out it is a memory our family will never forget. She said yes!!

Special Thanks

Hitesh Patel Photography
 | Photography