Allie and Reid

How We Met

Reid: We met in high school after she had transferred to the school, I had been at for 8 years. I was in 11th grade and she was in 10th grade. For homecoming week our school had dress up days and the theme for one day was Decade Day. She dressed up as Sandy from Grease. She posted a picture on Instagram from that day with a quote from the movie. I had never seen the movie before, so I commented on her post saying that her caption made no sense just to be funny. The next day in school when she saw me, she came and explained the quote to me, and I was the one who felt dumb after that. This was the first time we had spoken and after that moment I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Now we are happily engaged and entering our senior year of College at Auburn University.

How They Asked

Reid: I picked the 21st of September because one of her favorite songs is September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. But during the actual proposal I didn’t ask her… I was so nervous the day of the engagement, and I was at a loss for words when I proposed. I had the ring up to her and all I could do was smile as I tried to find the words to say. She laughed and said yes (to no questions), but it’s a night I will never forget. She told me later that night that I had to ask her so of course I did after my nerves had calmed down.


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