Allie and Patrick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Buda Weenie Dog Races

How We Met

Patrick and I met in September 2011 at a fraternity party at Texas State. I was a freshman and he was a junior. My friends and new Zeta big sister took me out and we met up with some of his friends, and eventually we ended up at the same party. We saw each other, sparked up a conversation, and the rest was history! (or something like that)

how they asked

Six years after we first met, we were taking our dog, Peanut to the weenie dog races in Buda, TX. For anyone who doesn’t know me personally, I have been obsessed with weenie dogs my whole life, and I’m definitely a little too obsessed with my own dog, Peanut. My family has had weenie dogs just about my whole life and we all LOVE them! It’s perfect because Patrick’s family also has a weenie dog and is obsessed with them too. Just a little bit of background about why this was the absolutely perfect place for Patrick to propose to me. Little did I know this would be the happiest and the best weekend of my life.

The time came for Peanut to race and he actually won by a long shot! This was a huge deal, because he has done a few other races and never comes close to winning. The announcer came up to interview me at the end and told me there was a very important question I had to answer. I looked up and there was Patrick, kneeling on one knee, with a little brown box in his hand. The whole crowd started cheering and I immediately set Peanut down and started crying out of happiness/shock/love. Neither Patrick or I remember what he said and I’m not even sure I actually said the word “yes.” I was overwhelmed with so many emotions from Peanut winning his big race to Patrick proposing to me. I was so shocked that he was able to surprise me (I’m the worst with ruining surprises) and I actually had absolutely NO clue he was going to propose to me anytime soon. Once I got ahold of myself and the crowd cleared away, I saw my four best friends and my older brother jumping up and down in the stands. (My brother flew in from California to be here just for the weekend). Patrick’s family and my family were there as well. Having some of the most important people in our lives’ present for the special moment made it that much better! We went to Gruene, TX and celebrated at my favorite spots afterwards, and it was the best weekend ever.

Allie's Proposal in Buda Weenie Dog Races

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Buda Weenie Dog Races

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