Allie and Nick

How We Met: Nick and I met through a mutual friend when we were seventeen. We lived fifteen minutes apart, went to different high schools, and had just started grade twelve. Our friend got us texting and we decided to meet weeks later, at a “haunted farm” (it was days before Halloween and our friends made it a Friday outing). He put his arm around me during the haunted hayride. He asked me out on November 2nd, 2010, late at night.

We had been texting that evening while I was volunteering at an event, and he had been waiting at home. As I got ready for bed, he sent me a message asking if I could go to the top window at the front of my house. I did, and there he stood under a tree in the moonlight, holding lillies. He had Van Halen’s “Love Walks In” playing on speakers. I went to the door and he asked if he could take me out to dinner on Friday night. We had a magical final year of high school together.


We both acted in our school plays, participated in school activities, attended two fun proms, and both ended up being valedictorians at our individual high schools. At the age of eighteen, Nick accepted a university program in engineering at the University of Waterloo (eight hours away). I decided to move to Sydney, Australia and nanny three children. With Skype, letters, and a lot of love, we didn’t see each other for seven months. I finally surprised him at the airport when he was coming home for a weekend, and I’ve never seen him so breathless.

We have been doing long distance for four out of the five years we have been together, but it is always worth it, no matter how tough. We visit, we Skype, and we write letters to always make each other feel special. This guy is my world. He plans surprises (sending me flowers on Valentines Day in Australia, surprising me in my living room on the day of my college graduation, planning a horse and carriage ride through our city…), makes me laugh, and still gives me butterflies when he walks through the door.

how they asked: I love picnics. I am a gleeful child when it comes to a good picnic. There is an Arboretum and park in our hometown that is just beautiful any time of the year. I particularly like it in the spring and in August. It has one gorgeous bridge that I find very magical.

The morning of our engagement, I woke up with a text that read, “Good morning beautiful.” Nick picked me up a few hours later and handed me a beautiful bouquet of my favourite flowers (lillies, carnations, baby’s breath, sunflowers), and we drove off listening to some of our favourite songs, top down, wind blowing, sun shining.

We ended up at my favourite park and stopped. Nick asked if this was an okay place for lunch, and proceeded to pull out a full picnic from the trunk. Hand in hand, we walked down towards my favourite bridge and spread out the blanket. We sat in the shade under willow trees and dancing green branches, eating the picnic he made for me: chicken wraps with goat cheese (my favourite), fruit, salad, brownies… We munched, laughed, talked, and watched clouds. He rubbed my shoulders, gave me forehead kisses, and told me he loved me.

He told me that he had a gift for me, something he had been meaning to give me since Valentine’s Day when we had decided we were going to make presents. He pulled out a large white envelope and handed me a stack of letters and memories he had written, and a stack of calendars from 2010-now. He played a game where I had to read the letter to him (some telling me one line of something we did that day, and some of them full page letters), and tell him which day we did this. I loved this, because I love reminiscing :)

He told me he had a few more letters for me from this summer, he just hadn’t had time to write them yet. I was having the best day ever – a picnic, a sunny day, my favourite bridge nearby, my favourite guy…

Nick suggested we go for a walk, and so we walked down towards my bridge and watched the ducks, the gently ripples of the water, and the scenery of our beautiful city. Nick hugged me from behind and said, “I actually have one more letter for you. This one I’LL read to YOU.”


“Today was a good day. I decided to finally take Allie on a romantic picnic…” and he read me a letter of what we had done so far. :After we had reminisced , we packed up the picnic and went for a walk through the park. I took Allie down to her favourite bridge that we always drive by. I kissed her and I told her how much I love her…” He read me the letter, which included him reading about getting down on one knee, took me hands, eloquently delivered a romantic speech, and used my full name to ask me to marry him. Of course, I said yes (through some tears).


Moments later, as we were hugging, I heard clicking. I opened my eyes and saw his dad standing on the bridge with a camera. Nick had gotten his dad to hide behind trees to photograph our picnic, and he pointed across the water to where his sister and mom were (who had been hiding under bushes taking photos).

I have never felt so happy, excited, surprised, loved, and emotionally tired all in one day! We saw my family, went to Build a Bear (we went there on our first Valentine’s Day), had dinner where we had our first date, and then ate chocolate cake. I’m a lucky girl.