Allie and Nate

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How We Met

Nate and I met through chance. It was July of 2011, I was in college in Maryland, and Nate had just moved from Rochester, New York to accept a new job opportunity in Orlando, Florida. After arriving in Florida, Nate went on Craigslist to look for a place to live. He found a lake house near downtown Orlando, where he met his new roommate, Ashley. Ashley was my first roommate in college and one of my best friends. During my winter break, I came down to visit Ashley for two weeks. Nate will tell you, I walked through the doors into the pool room, and it was love at first sight.

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I had been there for vacation so I noticed her new handsome roommate, but focused on seeing my best friend. Luckily, her and Nate were very close so it wasn’t weird when he joined us for most of the trip. After I went back home to Maryland, Nate messaged me every day, and we talked day and night. After over a year of friendship and visits, we fell in love. We had to spend a year-long distance as I was still in school, but we made it work with flights back and forth every month. After that year, Nate asked me to move down to Florida, and I never hesitated. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

The day he asked, it was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We both were out of work early, as we were planning on visiting his family, who was in town for the long weekend, at his sister and brother-in-law’s beach house in Siesta Key, Florida. Nate was rushing me to get back to our house, to pack and to pick him up, so we could be on our way. It was pouring rain outside, so I figured he just wanted to get there and relax, we weren’t missing any beach time in this weather. We made it to the beach house, where his parents, sister and brother-in-law, and his niece and nephew, were waiting for us. We were greeted with hugs and drinks, and told the plan was to go to a family friend’s club house, to have a BBQ, since the weather was so bad. We hopped in the car and drove over to the club house, which is right on Siesta Key Beach.

As we walked in the door, I thought I saw my friend, Philistine. I thought, “that’s weird,” but continued further inside. I then thought I saw a quick glance of my brother. I was then thinking, “Okay, maybe I need to stop drinking for a bit, I am seeing things, there is no way Phil and my brother are in here.” Suddenly, I came around the corner and saw my entire family, who still lives in Maryland. I immediately ran to them and started hugging. All I heard next was my sister, Lena yelling, “Turn around!!!” I turned around and there was Nate, on his knee, with the most beautiful ring.

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I kind of blacked out at this point, but he said something along the lines of, ‘Allie, I love you so much, I brought everyone we love down here today, to ask you, Will You Marry Me?” I jumped on him, and shouted, “YES!!!” He placed the ring on my finger and we kissed, and cried, and hugged for a long time, just so happy.

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After taking in our moment, we hugged and cried with our family members. I was so overwhelmed and happy they were here. This is when I finally saw my best friend, Jordan, who had been off to the side, taking pictures. we hugged and cried and I was so happy to see her, as she had flown in from Maryland as well. This is when I noticed Nate’s other sister and brother-in-law, who weren’t supposed to be in town either, as well as Ashley and Philistine. We all hugged and cried, I was so happy they were all here for this moment.

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So surrounded by both my parents, sisters, brother, best friends, and Nate’s parents, sisters, brothers, and niece and nephew, everyone we love, I SAID YES! We popped champagne and started our celebration. The weather had just cleared up so we went out to the beach and took pictures by the water. We celebrated with our loved ones, and had a delicious BBQ in the club house.

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After dinner, we all went out to the beach for sunset. There were two double rainbows in the beautiful pink sky. We all took photos and Nate and I watched the sunset with our family and friends. It was truly the most perfect night I could have ever imagined. We then spent the rest of the long weekend celebrating with our entire family on the best beach in the country. It was truly perfect.

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