Allie and Matt

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How We Met

In October 2012 I moved into an apartment with my best friend Phil and his girlfriend Lauren in Rochester, NY. Lauren had a picture of her and her older sister, Allie, displayed on the refrigerator. The moment I saw that photo I was intrigued. So I hatched a plan with Lauren to get her sister to come visit from New York City. Lauren was able to get Allie to make the drive up for her birthday in November. A week or two before Allie was set to come I had Lauren text Allie about me. Just to plant the seed in allies head of course. However, Allies response was unfavorable to my goal. Her response to Lauren’s text was “yea no thanks.” I watched that text come through on Lauren’s phone.

It was A depressing few seconds to say the least. She had never met me and I was immediately shot down for at the time was unknown reasons. Apparently she assumed I was Lauren’s age and too young for her. But her assumption was off. Allie is older than me. But only by 6 months. So Allie finally makes it to Rochester and we immediately hit it off. After just a few hours of talking to her and being around her I knew She was something special. After only 2 weeks I was down in New York City visiting Allie and we’be been together ever since. We Married in August of 2016 and couldn’t be happier!

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how they asked

The Doyle brothers, a local NYC band that Allie and I had randomly stumbled across one night out in Manhattan were a huge help in me popping the question. They’re our favorite local NYC band and we’ve seen them play many times. Allies father was with us when we discovered this band and he too became a big fan. So much so that he was able to convince them to come play a show in Allie’s hometown Elmira, New York.

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When I found that out I immediately knew that was the best setting for my proposal. Both Allie and I have lots of friends and family in Elmira So I knew I could pack the bar with as many of them as possible. I spoke with the band a few days before the night of the proposal. T

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old them what song I wanted to do and how I needed their help. It was a very vague conversation. Very few guidelines. I just told them to give me a look when they’re gonna start the song. They absolutely nailed it. They did so well in the setup that I barely had to do anything. I am forever grateful to the Doyle Brothers for what they did for me.

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Special Thanks

The Doyle Brothers
 | Nailed the proposal setup.
Ryan Doyle
 | Nailed the proposal setup
Todd Doyle
 | Nailed the proposal setup