Allie and Matt

Image 1 of Allie and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I first met while working together on The Polar Express in 2016. Both of us thought the other was the biggest pain in the butt! But as we worked together and spent more time together, we started to bond and become closer and closer. After Polar was over we stayed close and started spending more and more time together. All of our friends could see that we should date, but we kept telling them we were just friends…they were right.

How They Asked

Matt and I had planned a full vacation to Florida as we usually do every year to visit my dad, see the Mets at Spring Training, and finish off the vacation with a trip to Disney World. But this year…things went a little off course. We flew down to Florida on March 8th. I had 4 days of work before we could officially start our vacation. On Thursday, March 12th, as I finished my last day of work before vacation, COVID-19 started to really impact the country. Spring Training was canceled and 2 hours later Disney World announced it was closing on March 15th. I was devastated. My dad and Matt suggested we drive up to Disney on Friday for 2 days just to enjoy some of our now very uncertain vacations. I was extremely hesitant but Matt pushed and finally I agreed. We drove up on March 13th and spent the whole day running around the parks, riding every ride we could. We had an amazing day. And of course, a day at Disney isn’t complete without watching the Happily Ever After fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. We found the best spot directly in front of the castle and started to watch the fireworks. Right as Tinkerbell flew over the crowd I felt Matt move behind me. I saw him talking to a girl and handing her his phone.

Image 2 of Allie and Matt

I couldn’t believe he was asking someone to take a photo of us during the fireworks! I turned back around to continue watching and before I knew it I felt a tap on my shoulder. As I turned back around, there was Matt, down on one knee asking that amazing question right as the fireworks started their grand finale and the speakers blared “Happily Ever After!” I was in complete shock and totally surprised. And of course, I nodded and said yes (and cried…there was a lot of happy crying). We stood in the same spot for about 5 minutes as we called all our family and friends to share the good news and finally when we felt we could move again we headed off to our last right of the night, Matt’s favorite: The Haunted Mansion.