Allie and Marc

balboa park engagement

How We Met

Allie and Marc met in 2012 (online of all places!) when Allie did a nationwide search to see her “top match in the US.” Well, it just so happened that her #1 match was none other than Marc. Just their luck, however, she was living in North Carolina and he in Boston. She messaged him anyhow, and they spent months chatting online and playing Words with Friends. However, at the time they decided it didn’t make sense given the 692 miles between them.

Fast forward to 2014 when Allie moved to SoCal and saw on Facebook that Marc had just moved to the Bay Area. She messaged him (again!) to let him know that they were finally in the same state, and that it was much more reasonable to start a relationship now that they were merely 426 miles apart! They began to message every day, and after 3 months of chatting, Marc decided to make the short trip to finally meet in person. After a wonderful weekend, they decided that those 426 miles didn’t seem so daunting after all and they continued to go back and forth to see one another every other week until November 2015 when Marc moved to San Diego (yay!). They now live in a beautiful home near Balboa Park with the cutest cat and Labradoodle, and spend their days walking, picnicking, and still playing the occasional game of Words with Friends.

How They Asked

On Thursday, March 22nd 2018, Marc and Allie took off for a 5-day adventure starting in one of their most cherished locations, Ojai. Travelling into a rain storm, they passed a sign alerting them to mudslides and road closures near Ojai. Marc seemed a bit nervous about this, but Allie didn’t notice much. They reached their Airbnb safely and only a little later than Marc had ‘planned.’ Marc suggested they go to their favorite bookstore in Ojai, Bart’s Books. Allie reminded him that Bart’s Books is an outdoor book store, but he assured her that they have an inside area (not true, for the record).

On the way to Bart’s Books, Marc pulled up near Libbey Park, and suggested a short stroll before going to the bookstore. Marc and Allie picnic in Libbey Park each visit, and it’s a very special place. Allie reminded him that they were in the middle of a torrential downpour, but he gently encouraged her to join him for a short walk.

About halfway through the rain transitioned to near-monsoon and Allie suggested the walk be over. But, Marc calmly said “let’s just get to that Libbey Bowl on the other side of the Park.” When they reached the covered stage, Marc pulled her out of the rain and got down on one knee and proposed. Allie said yes (clearly), and two seconds later her sister—who lives in SF—came bounding out from where she had been patiently hiding in the rain for 45 minutes.

The three of them walked across the street to a nearby winery to have a celebratory glass of champagne. As they entered, unbeknownst to Allie, her parents were waiting for them with a table full of decorations and wine ready to pour! The 6 of them had a wonderful evening in Ojai. Allie and Marc spent the next several days on an amazing adventure in Santa Barbara, Claremont, and Idyllwild, all while floating on Cloud 9. Marc actually managed to surprise Allie—for the first time in her entire life—and it was absolutely perfect.


Special Thanks

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San Diego Museum of Art Balboa Park
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