Allie and Marc

how we met

My fiancé and I met in college. We were both taking a finance course, which isn’t my favorite. I was confused during class and starting asking him questions, but of course I was shushed by the professor quite a few times. The professor asked my now fiancé to stay after class and I was certain that he was getting in trouble for disrupting class and talking to me the whole time. I reached out through Facebook to apologize for getting him into trouble (this wasn’t my first time being yelled at for talking too much), but he said the professor just wanted to hear about a job he just accepted! We began talking after that and the rest is history.


how they asked

I was on my way home from swim practice, which gets done around 6:00pm. I had called Marc to make sure he was preparing for dinner with the lengthy list of instructions I had laid out. He was surprisingly calm and didn’t ask many questions but I figured I had just written really good instructions. When I pulled into the driveway, Marc was outside with our puppy, which was weird because there was dinner to be made! He told me to look at her new collar as he ran inside. I was just going to go in because the collar was the same as the old one, but then it dawned on me to check. I did and there was a tag that said ‘Will you marry daddy?’ and I ran inside to find Marc on one knee with the ring and a rose in his hand. Of course I said yes and then he said he planned a surprise dinner with my parents at a local restaurant. Although I thought him making the whole complicated dinner alone without questions was weird, I never thought the proposal was coming! It was a wonderful surprise.

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