Allie and Luke

How We Met

Luke and I met on a blind date back in college. Fresh off a tough breakup, my roommate was determined to set me up with someone. She knew of a recent transfer student she went to high school with who was “a total gentleman and everyone loved him in high school!”. Although a tad reluctant, I figured I had no more tears to cry and I needed to pick myself back up. It wasn’t long before we were texting and decided to meet up in person.

On a snowy Saturday afternoon in December, Luke picked me up for a lunch date. I was immediately swooned when he got out of his car to give me a hug and open the car door for me. Over a 4 hour Thai lunch, we chatted about everything and anything- the sparks were for sure flying. We both said we loved to travel and how it was a huge part of our childhood. While eating Thai food, we both said we would love to go to Thailand someday, or just visiting Asia in general. We laughed and chatted until it was almost time for dinner.

The rest was history- we fell hard for each other quickly and without any hesitations. Two months later, we went to New York City for spring break. A couple months later in the summer, Luke applied for his first passport and bought a plane ticket to visit me in Morocco while I was studying abroad for the semester. There is nothing more special than exploring the world with your best friend! Our love has taken us to 4 continents and over 14 countries in 3 short years. Our adventures have brought us closer than ever. Just last year, we visited Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore over our Christmas break. While riding elephants in Thailand, I remember smiling at Luke and saying, “You didn’t think 2 years ago on our first date we would be doing this together, did you?!”

Where to Propose in Venice, Italy

Allie's Proposal in Venice, Italy

Allie and Luke's Engagement in Venice, Italy

how they asked

With Luke’s graduation and Air Force commission a little over a year away, we started to shop for rings and plan a tentative timeline for our wedding in May 2018. We had a big family vacation planned to Europe for the summer with both Luke’s family and my own and I was pretty confident the engagement would be happening. As the excitement of our engagement was at an all time high, my grandma’s health was quickly declining and she was moved to hospice shortly before we left for our trip. Over Easter, Luke asked my sweet grandma for permission to propose and told her and my grandpa his Venice proposal. We knew she may not make it to see us engaged so Luke wanted to make sure she knew about his plans. She was so excited, as she totally loved Luke and continuously told me, ‘Don’t mess this one up!” I was later told she couldn’t quite keep it a secret and was telling everyone in hospice to “save the date!” for next May because Luke was planning to propose in the coming weeks.

At the start of summer, we left for Spain and began a 12 day cruise through the Mediterranean- from France to Italy and then to Croatia and Montenegro. While taking in the beautiful foods and incredible foods, we received the devastating news in Florence that Grandma had passed peacefully. While my heart was completely broken from her passing, we still had over half our vacation left and we knew she would want us to enjoy it. The next day, we brought our favorite picture of her to Rome and it was blessed by the Pope.

Proposal Ideas Venice, Italy

Five days after my grandma had passed, we arrived in Venice, Italy. Luke insisted we spend the day with both of our families and I had a good feeling the proposal was coming- it didn’t help that everyone was acting suspicious and told me to dress nicely for the day. In my favorite blue dress, we wandered through the canals of Venice as a big group. As we came around the corner, there was a perfect little bridge off by itself in a small courtyard near a church.

Luke grabbed my hand and walked me over to the bridge. I saw my mom grab our camera and I knew the proposal was coming!! I don’t remember what Luke said, as I completely blacked out, but soon enough we were kissing and hugging in front of a newly formed crowd. Tears rolled down my face as I said YES in the most beautiful city to marrying my best friend. People all around us were cheering and someone even yelled, “They just got engaged!”. A couple local Italians popped out of the window right by the bridge to congratulate us too! The moment was so special in front of both of our families. It was a roller coaster of emotions from Grandma’s passing to being engaged, but I knew she had the best view of anyone. We are returning to Venice in June on our honeymoon and plan to put a lock on the bridge where our love story officially began!