Allie and Luke

Proposal Ideas Devils Bridge in Sedona, Arizona

How We Met

Luke and I went to high school and graduated together, although we never really talked. All I knew was that he was the smart kid in my senior physics class who was bound to be an engineer. Fast forward 5 years later and we’re both at our five-year reunion. Luke randomly started chatting with me, so later on, in the night, I bought us a round of shots. We both somehow ended up at my friend’s after-party that night and with several drinks in me, I decided to start (confidently) talking to Luke about a physics book I started “reading” (when realistically I only read the first chapter lol)…and it turned out that he really did become an engineer! I guess my false confidence swooned him enough because he “jokingly” said to me “omg can I date you”. Well, it didn’t take long to realize that he wasn’t joking!

How They Asked

Luke and I were on a hiking trip in Arizona. Our second day there we planned to do a strenuous hike with an amazing view. At the last second, I changed my mind and decided to do a less strenuous hike that day, unsure of what the views would be. Once we got to the top of the cliff, an incredible rock bridge emerged. While Luke insisted on taking pictures on it, my fear of heights made me hesitant. After finally agreeing, he gave his phone to a complete stranger to take pics. After a few pics on the SUPER narrow cliff, I was ready to get the heck off of there, but he insisted on ONE more picture, to which he got on his knee and ask me to marry him!

Allie's Proposal in Devils Bridge in Sedona, Arizona