Allie and Kane's Proposal at Crested Butte

How We Met

When I say I have loved my fiancé from the bottom of my heart ever since I met him, I mean it. God has blessed me with Kane Elenburg since I was four years old. We grew up being “country” neighbors living right across the highway from each other. Our families were great family friends and Kane was the big brother I never had. My twin sister and I would play with Kane every day after school getting into any trouble we could. Since we were little, the running joke between our families was that Kane and my twin sister Riley were going to date because they were so similar. Some how I was the lucky one. I always thought Kane was the cutest guy in school and had the biggest crush on him. Our fairy tale life began when Kane and I started to date my freshman year and his junior year of high school and it still continues. We had our normal high school fling that led to Kane going off to college. I supported him through his football years in Nebraska as a Hastings Bronco and a Professional in-door football player for the Nebraska Danger, and he stuck by me as I was a Texas Christian University frog. I have always been his number one fan and will continue to be for the rest of my life. Kane has been my only boyfriend, the only guy I have kissed as my little sister says, and the only man I have and will love for the rest of my life!

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The picture on the bottle is of Kane and I at six flags when we were 5 and 6 years old!

how they asked

After dating Kane for 8 years, I always dreamed of the day he would ask me to marry him, but somehow he still completely surprised me. The engagement planning began when Kane asked me to go to Colorado with him for a summer weekend getaway. I of course wanted to go and did not really think it could be the special time he asked me to marry him since last summer we went to Colorado as well. I was super excited about the trip but NOT about the drive. Lol. We were going mountain biking in Colorado so we had to make the lovely 13 hour drive up there with the bikes. I started off as a little diva because I did not want to drive. The plan was that we were meeting the rest of our group up there on Saturday but we left Thursday night. We had a great dinner Friday night and just relaxed after arriving in Crested Butte and went to bed early to be ready for the adventurous day of hiking and mountain biking so I thought. We woke up that next morning and Kane had wanted to get up early so we could go hiking. It was such a beautiful hike up Mt. Crested Butte, and I still had no idea what would happen at the top. We got to the top and there it all began, Kane got down on one knee and after that I’m pretty sure I blacked out. He said the sweetest first sentence about promising to marry me at the tallest peak and an unforgettable speech. (That I had to re-watach on the video to remember J since I was so overwhelmed with excitement.) He gave me the ring and I was still in shock shaking with enthusiasm at how beautiful it was. I always imagined I would scream and cry, but I somehow kept my cool. It was MORE than I could have ever dreamed of and almost as perfect as my Henry Kane. The surprise was not over though. As we walked down the mountain I was asking all these questions like, “OMG I cannot believe you did this,” “When did you plan this?” “Did you ask my Dad?” I could not believe it. I asked him if our families were coming to meet us, but he said they could not make it that weekend. I was sort of bummed but of course still on cloud 9. BUT to my surprise, as we got down the mountain, all of our families were waiting there for us. It was so wonderful to hug everyone and rejoice in God’s blessing. I still cannot believe it happened so perfectly, and I cannot believe I get to spend the rest of my life with my BEST FRIEND Henry Kane!

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