Allie and Jordan


How We Met

August 17, 2009

I sat in the chair next to her. A few monitors, IVs, and lots of tears and heartache filled a hospital room. My childhood best friend, Raina, and Jordan’s childhood best friend, Chris, were in a tragic car accident together on the way to school that morning. Both of them were flown to UK hospital in Lexington, KY in critical condition.


Fast forward a little and Jordan came to visit Raina in her hospital room. I remember him walking in inquiring about her health but also making her laugh. Raina would laugh so hard that her newly inserted face plates were hurting. What an amazing person to come into a room that had felt so dark, and immediately bring light.

When Chris began to improve, the four of us began to meet up. We started visiting Chris in Lexington at Cardinal Hill. By Christmas we started visits to the (Chris) Campbell household. I was the oddball at first having only known Raina prior.

I was just slightly over-protective of Raina and began to follow her like a puppy dog. Okay, maybe not a puppy, more like a sister or a really annoying best friend.


When my 18th birthday rolled around in January I invited several friends (including Jordan and Chris) to the Harbour Restaurant. Of course, they were the life of the party. That night, Jordan had somehow gotten my phone and inserted his number (slick dude).

Like many teenage love stories, the flirting started over texting. Jordan even asked me to senior prom over a text message. This is probably why he felt increased pressure for a big proposal (Or maybe I brought it up once or twice).

Anyway, at first I struggled hard with thoughts of guilt .How could something that made me feel so happy begin from something so tragic and heart wrenching? But, nobody else expressed those feelings; in fact Raina told me she would be very mad if I didn’t go to prom with Jordan. So, I pushed the guilt aside and let my love for Jordan grow. And it did.

how they asked

May 8th is when we celebrate our anniversary, despite being together for quite some time before that. Probably part of the weird high school…MUST be official deal. This was the sixth anniversary.

Typically, we would have a date night or plan something special. Jordan has been really busy finishing up his master’s degree. I began to flirt with the idea to celebrate another time and just let him work.

It was graduation weekend at UK. I wanted Jordan to walk at graduation. At WKU he didn’t go to graduation because his mother was in the hospital. This time, he said not a single one of his friends were going to graduation so he wasn’t up to it.

Instead, he initially told me his classmates were going to Keeneland with their girlfriends and I MUST GO. After a little persuasion I agreed to spend Mother’s Day weekend in Lexington, KY. By Friday, things changed. “They want to go camping at the Gorge”

More driving, I hate driving. (I live in Elizabethtown, KY)

Since my heart was set that it was his weekend, I was willing to do whatever he wanted. I even bought him a graduation gift.

On Saturday I woke up and went shopping with Audra, started a wine tasting at Chrisman mills winery. If you haven’t been to their store in Hamburg (Lexington) they’re moving so too bad.

Just kidding they are opening again at the Fayette Mall soon! I had a lot of wine on Derby day. That’s okay. Right?

Since it was supposed to be rainy, Jordan told me we would just go day hiking on Sunday and catch up with his friends. I didn’t really want to camp in the rain so I asked no questions. Anyway, I woke up on Sunday and posted this post on instagram. Because I’m cheesy that’s why.

I showered and dressed in the first things I found. I started gathering snack foods, because I’m always hungry. When I started making sandwiches Jordan asked if I would make one more sandwich.

“Why?” I asked
“Because Alex might want one.”

When I inquired about everyone else, he said he only really knew Alex. And that was enough. I only had enough to make one more sandwich anyway. I packed some kettle chip, a few apples and several drinks.

The next time I saw Jordan again he was wearing jeans, a tshirt and sperrys. “Are you sure you’re going hiking?” I was kidding, but I must have made him nervous because he changed to tennis shoes. We question each other’s wardrobe choices often so there was not a red flag that today was full of lies.

I went up stairs just to put on moisturizer and mascara, but I was stopped. “Why are you putting on make-up to hike.. we are in a hurry.” Out of all the lies, Jordan, you could have let this one slide… I forgive you.

We jumped in the car. He filled the gas tank and I went to McDonalds. Jordan requested SWEET tea. (Yesterday, I wanted him to try half-cut and they gave him unsweetened). So I made him a “mostly sweet tea.” I just wanted to save him a few unnecessary grams of sugar. You’re welcome.

I controlled the music for some of the trip and Jordan later noted that I had played “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor. This is not a coincidence. My subconscious is borderline genius.

According to Jordan, we took the long way to the destination. He was worried we would pass the caravan of friends and family members coming in for the surprise. I didn’t notice a single thing. I was simply along for the ride.

We made it! Red River Gorge. Current weather report…raining. I touched the box.

We sat in the car checking the radar, praying that it was coming to a stop so we could go for a hike. Unfortunately, it appeared to be coming right towards us. Not good. It was only drizzling right now, so I stepped out of he car. The cold wind was completely unexpected. Well maybe I should have expected it considering we JUST checked the weather. Lucky for me, Jordan had an extra jacket in the back seat.

Jordan told me his friends probably didn’t have good signal so we would do a short walk to an overlook first. It was sprinkling, but nothing terrible.

The view was incredible.

I asked Jordan to take a picture with me. I reached in to give him a hug and he darted away from me. “ What happened?”

“Uh the camera..its not working right.” And then proceeds to take pictures of me…
“STOOPPP.. Seriously ONE picture.”

He suggested we take the picture with me standing behind him “for a better view.” Later, Jordan told me he was pretty sure I touched the ring box hidden in his jacket.
Oblivion. I had no idea.

He then decided we would take one more short hike and sit in a cave and eat our lunch until he hears from his friends. A cave sounds appealing doesn’t it?

We get in the car and drive to another location. I get out of the car and my ankle pops! I start walking it off and stretch it for a second. Jordan continues. Zero concern.

“My ankle hurts, it’s raining, you’re way ahead of me… NOT HAPPY!”

We get to a spot and sit under what Jordan called “a cave.” I don’t know what you consider a cave, but I was literally sitting under a large rock.

I eat my sandwich and open the bag of jalapeño kettle chips. If you’ve ever tried the kettle chips, you KNOW they are the loudest food you could possibly eat. Jordan is sitting 6 feet away from me…texting. Constantly. “Give them time to get some signal. Eat your sandwich ” I demanded.

He eats ½ his sandwich. And I’m sitting over here wishing I had packed chocolate. Feeling rather chubby, “ Saving the rest for later?” I ask as I shove a handful of chips in my mouth.

He’s still texting. “About 10 more minutes”

“WHAT?” It’s the chips I swear.

“Maybe 15 minutes.” He repeats… I’m pretty sure he added five minutes.

My restless leg syndrome kicks in and I request we leave in ten and make our way to wherever it is that we’re going.

Ten minutes later.

“Alright, let’s go this way.” We head up the stairs toward. SKY BRIDGE.

And then he asked…

Jordan offered to carry our lunch bag as we walked up the stairs toward sky bridge. Hand in hand, we started walking across the bridge. As we approached the middle of the bridge I looked up and saw a drone in the sky.
“Hey! That looks just like your drone.” I joked. There are a million drones like the edition Jordan has.

“Oh, it’s illegal to have drones flying at the gorge. I’m gonna go tell them.” Jordan started to walk ahead of me. As we got closer I saw a group of people standing near the drone.
“Jordan, leave them alone. They’ll be done soon!” I begged. Jordan continued to walk towards them.

I started to hear music. It’s a choir. They’re filming a song and Jordan is going to interrupt. “JORDAN…JORDAN” I pleaded.

Then the choir turned around wearing purple shirts. Jordan walked towards me laughing. Something is funny. What is it? I looked closer at the people.
The shirts spelled. “Marry Him.” The song playing was “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. My brain slowly started connected the dots as Jordan is laugh crying in front of me down on one knee.

Where to Propose in Red River Gorge KY

Oh my gosh …I know those people, this is all for me! Ding Ding Ding Allie!! That only took you 3 minutes.

“Will you marry me?” Jordan asked with a huge smile.

“Yes” I nodded and kissed him.

Now I’m entering the land of shock. Is this real life? We walk towards our friends and family. And I have no idea what I said to them. Completely spaced out. One friend told me I looked at her funny for awhile. I was just so amazed that all of these people kept a secret, traveled from near and far, just to witness this amazing moment between Jordan and I. How lucky I am.

Jordan’s mother passed April 2015, and on Mother’s Day 2016 he gave me his mother’s engagement ring. I am honored to wear it.