Allie and Jason

Image 1 of Allie and Jason

I’ve been dreaming of going to Lake Louise since forever! So he came up with the idea to go camping before the cold weather hit! So we went up on October 9th! We had arrived late afternoon on Friday and we decided to go right to the lake so I could finally see it! We brought our camera which he had bought a tripod for so we didn’t have to get people to take our pictures we set it up at one spot which quickly got busy then he moved us down further on the lake at this really cute spots with stairs leading down to the lake we set the camera up and started to take some pictures and then asked him to do a funny one and he’s like ok we’ll stand facing each other and put our hands up! So as we set the camera timer we ran over and as soon as I turned to face him he dropped to his knee and the camera caught him perfect!! And that’s the picture !:) was perfect in so many ways!!

Image 2 of Allie and Jason