Allie and Jason

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How We Met

I met Jason during the fall my freshman year of college at the University of Illinois in 2009 through our Model UN team. It took several years of witty banter, Tuesdays at Murphy’s and several conferences before I realized he was the one I was searching for all along. It’s funny how you find what you need when you are not looking at all. I was instantly drawn to his intellect, sarcasm and our mutual bond over history and debating world issues. Little did I know that things would blossom just shortly before he graduated undergrad (allegedly, part of his grand plan all along).

We then began the arduous long-distance leg of our relationship while I remained on campus for one final year of undergrad and then three years of law school. While those four years were not enjoyable, as we lived for weekend reunions when possible, they showed me the depths of his commitment and how distance truly did not matter in the grand scheme for our relationship. We now happily live together in Chicago.

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(This photo was taken in May 2012, shortly after we started dating)

how they asked

Jason and I have taken several international vacations to wondrous destinations over the years (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc.). I told him all I wanted this time around was to “sit on a beach and do nothing” (which he knows I cannot sit still for too long, so fear not we had some whale shark encounters among other adventures). We went to the Riu Palace in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a week to escape Chicago and our phones for a bit.

After dating 5 and a half years, we’ve gotten the “Oh, I thought you would come back engaged” spiel many times. I had a sneaking suspicion that this might actually be the trip (and apparently everyone else did too) where he would pop THE question. On our first day or so Jason said he had booked us a candlelit sunset dinner cruise (Cancun Lovers Cruise or something to that affect) for our last night in Mexico. I convinced myself he was going to propose on that boat, but little did I know that the cruise was a decoy and he would propose the day before.

On September 2, 2017 we were sitting in the hotel lobby bar and he told me he was not feeling well. When he returned he seemed quite nervous and I noticed a square shaped object in his pants pocket. It dawned on me what was likely about to happen. He asked if I wanted to walk by the pool bar for a change of scenery. As we walked down my mind and heart were going a million miles a second. I kept asking myself “Was it really about to happen? Now, when I had planned a whole outfit for tomorrow? He wants to do this by the pool?”

As we walked by the pool a photographer from the hotel came up to us and asked if we wanted our photos taken on the beach for the hotel. I was hesitant but Jason was ready to go do it (yet another sign that something was coming as he vehemently refuses to be in any pictures). We took a few photos by the water and halfway through the photographer turned me around and said she would position Jason behind me. When she asked me to turn around he was on his knee with the most beautiful ring. A simple “Will you marry me?” was all I needed before I squealed “YES!”

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