Allie and Gary

How we met: Gary and I met in college at a little military school on Long Island. I was in charge of assigning seats at lunch and all the girls told me this guy named Gary was really cute. So I assigned him to my own table to have something good to look at while I ate lunch.

Image 1 of Allie and Gary

how they asked: Gary told me he had made dinner reservations and I should dress nicely. When we left for dinner he told me it was so nice out that we should walk to the restaurant and enjoy the weather. We walked down the east river and once we were under the Williamsburg Bridge he told me he had something to show me. He took out a scrapbook I had made him for our anniversary (each page had a picture of us, the date it was taken and a sentence about what we were doing at the time) and told me he had added pages. He flipped through them for me and the last page said “March 18, 2015 – The day I asked you to marry me”. When I looked up he was down on one knee holding a ring!

Image 2 of Allie and Gary