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My friend Courtney is a photographer and I had been wanting to help her business while also getting some great pics of me and Evan. Our 2 year anniversary was May 29, 2018, which is when we would be on vacation with Evan’s family, so I scheduled our photo shoot for June 9, 2018. When planning on where I wanted the photo shoot, Evan had mentioned the field in front of his grandparents’ house because that is where we first started to eno a lot before and when we first started dating, and it was also where we had our first kiss. :-) I thought that would be so cute and I really did not think we would be getting engaged for another two years, so I was not expecting anything other than a normal photo shoot.

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Little did I know. On June 9th, Evan had planned to come to my house at 4:00 and we would aim to be at his grandparent’s field by 6:00. Well, he texted me earlier that day and told me that he decided to hang out with his cousin and instead, would pick me up at my house at 5:45 and then we would leave. That kind of upset me (because I love hanging out with him) and I insisted that I just meet him there. We argued a little through text because he was insisting that he pick me up. I thought I had won, but he ended up calling me at 5:30 and told me he was 5 minutes from my house, he was picking me up and then we would go to his grandparent’s field. Right before Evan got to my house, my parents had left because they were going out to eat.

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My younger sister and her boyfriend left at the same time because they were going on a date. Or so I thought. Evan got to my house and told me that he had to use the bathroom before we left. He was taking forever and I was afraid we would be late, but he wouldn’t come out. (I found out later that he was just buying time in there.) We left and got to his grandparents’ field around 6:00. Courtney and her fiancé were already there waiting for us. We parked in the grass, said hello, and started taking pictures. We started out with some classic poses, but then Evan wanted to do our “signature pose” where he is standing behind me with his arms around me.

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We did a couple but I was ready for different poses… Evan insisted that we keep doing that pose “just like we did at the Lake!” I didn’t understand because we had already done that pose, but I let him do whatever pose he had in mind. Then he said, “ah my leg itches” and started itching his leg through his pocket. I literally thought, “who the heck scratches their leg through their pocket?” but I smiled for the camera and then I Evan was holding a diamond ring right in front of my face. It took me about 2 minutes to process what was happening! I just kept smiling and then I realized, “oh my gosh, this is happening!” I turned around, shocked.

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Evan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I can’t even remember if he said “Allie Jordan Wasendorf” or just “Allie Jordan,” I just know I said yes! He picked me up and kissed me, just like every girl dreams of! Next thing I know, I hear the song we had been claiming as “our song,” Brandon Heath’s “girl of my dreams,” and both of our families drove up the driveway with the song blasting. I was sobbing at this point.

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Evan really had thought of every detail and it was absolutely precious. I think I hugged and cried on everyone there. We all went back to my parents’ house for a celebratory dinner and dessert. Unfortunately, Evan’s Aunt and Uncle were involved in a major car accident on the way to my house.

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Thankfully they only ended up with a few broken and fractured bones and lots of bruises. The other driver was not as lucky, all I know about him was that he was on life support that night. Minus that bump in the road, it really was the perfect evening. I’m still a pile of mush over it. I cannot wait to marry my Fiancé!

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Special Thanks

Courtney Elizabeth
 | Photographer