Allie and Ethan

How We Met

Ethan and I first met in the 9th grade. I had a super big crush on him, but of course I wasn’t going to make the first move. We went on a “double date” with his best friend and my best friend, to see a movie and get Mexican. (of course my parents drove us HA!) Not long after, we went our separate ways. But, a year later, I transferred to the same high school he went to.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At my parents house, at my 21st birthday party

We were both athletes, and I remember my first day of workouts at my new school making eye contact with him, and just thinking to myself “man, that boy!!!!!” After two years, and several locker visits between bells, we started dating!! And wow what a journey it has been!!! High school sweet hearts, and getting to marry the love of my life!! I couldn’t love anyone more!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At my parents house, at my 21st birthday party

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At my parents house, at my 21st birthday party

how they asked

My 21st birthday was December 10th. That day, Ethan informed me he was planning a birthday week for me. Every morning when I woke up, there was a gift waiting for me. (some of which included 21 roses for each year I have been alive, my favorite trail mix with all the raisins picked out, and a Benny Rodriguez shirt from the Sandlot movie) Long story short, my big gift was a huge birthday bash with all of our close friends and family, AND a spa day at my favorite Spa in town!!! Each day, I got a card that explained what gift I was getting, and I found out later that the first letter of each word on the card spelled out “Allie Kelley Will You Marry Me?” and I had no clue!!

Saturday the 16th was my spa day, so while I was out getting treated like a princess, Ethan and my family were decorating our pasture for the most perfect proposal that was about to happen!!! Ethan pulled out all the stops.. a photographer, my best friends, coaches, family, our good friend who is also a musician to play all my favorite songs, and he even made sure my nails were done!!! My best friend had to occupy me until it was time, and when I came around the corner, Ethan was on stage while Jonboy (the singer) was playing one of my favorite songs. After I said YES!, Jonboy played “God, Your Mama, and Me” while we danced and enjoyed our moment together!!!! y’all it was the sweetest moment and I wouldn’t change a single thing!!!