Allie and Elmer

Image 1 of Allie and Elmer

How We Met

We met online, which neither of us was confident with, but we clicked immediately. I had hesitations that I had actually found someone that way, and he says he knew he had me. :-)

How They Asked

We had reservations the day after Valentine’s Day. I had been rushing around to finish getting ready when he came to my house to pick me up. We decided to exchange gifts before leaving. I love owls, and he gave me a new owl necklace so I ran to change my necklace for the date. When I came back in the room, he was down on one knee. He expressed that for us the perfect time will never come, so he couldn’t wait any longer. So many life events have delayed us getting engaged. He had a major injury from playing soccer which stopped us from going on a cruise in which he was going to propose to me. Then as he was healing and was preparing again, my mother had a large stroke which took lots of our time and attention. So when we got to that day, he just decided that was it. Any day would have been perfect for me.