Allie and Daniel

Image 1 of Allie and DanielHow We Met: My husband and I met when we were five years old, although neither of us remembers it.

We grew up in different states (me, California, and him, Washington) and our parents were good friends. We’d get each other’s family Christmas card each year in the mail and I remember thinking that this boy was really cute. Little did I know he would someday become my husband.

We met again when we were 12, and this time, we both remember it well. Daniel’s family was vacationing in California and stayed with my family for a few days. We both felt like “whoa” when we met and quickly developed major crushes on each other. We have pictures from this time of rollerblading and playing baseball in our street with our siblings. The year was 1999 and we both wore adidas and had braces.

We’d see each other here and there on family vacations, throughout a couple summers in high school. I decided to go to college in Seattle, where he was from, and he went to school in Sweden for a few years. We weren’t really on each other’s radar at that point and we both dated other people and had full lives. Our paths didn’t cross again until Daniel moved back to Seattle just as I was beginning my senior year of college. We became instant best friends and were inseparable. We both knew there was something there, but we also knew we weren’t in a place to start a serious relationship. I already had plans to move back to California and had one foot out the door. Nothing was ever said between us and no lines were crossed. We developed a rich and deep friendship that would serve us well for years to come.

We kept in touch over the next year while I went to grad school in California. I dated a variety of guys, all of whom I liked but none who I felt like I could marry. Dating felt like work and I assumed it would never be easy (spoiler alert: I was so wrong). Daniel was constantly in the back of my mind but I thought he would never say anything to jeopardize our friendship and our family’s long history. There was a lot of risk involved for that and the line was drawn so strongly that neither of us seemed like we would ever cross it.

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One November weekend, I was in Seattle for a wedding. I had just broken up with my latest fling, and Daniel had been calling me consistently over the past couple of months. That day, Daniel decided he had to say something. He suddenly blurted out, “LOOK. I really like you, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had a crush on you since we met and rollerbladed at your house when we were little.” Suddenly, everything was on the table, and I had a decision to make.

I was in shock and needed a few days to think about it. I was almost upset at him for waiting so long and I was feeling interrupted by all this now. Did he expect me to drop my graduate degree plans and to uproot my life and move to his hometown so we could casually date? I was settled in California now. I had moved on. I was dating other guys. What did all of this mean for us and our future?

On the other hand, it felt so right. There was no explaining to do, we knew each other’s families, we had a foundation of a firm friendship. I knew my only option was to say yes. I felt compelled. My childhood crush, most attractive, selfless, caring man I knew, was asking me to be his. How could I say no to that??

We decided to go for it, and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Immediately, Daniel was everything that my previous boyfriends were not: present, direct, in hot pursuit of me, intentional, serious, committed, honest, forward. Dating him felt so easy and the contrast was almost startling.

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We got engaged a year and a half later, and just celebrated 6 months of marriage. Saying yes to him was the best decision of my life and I’m so very excited to see what the future has for us.

how they asked: Daniel knew that surprising me at the proposal was both really important to him and going to be really hard to do, but he pulled it off so well.

He recruited two of my dear friends to help. He asked my sweet and 7 months pregnant friend Nicole to meet me downtown for coffee at Nordstrom Café, and when I mentioned these plans to him, he suggested we have a lunch date downtown afterwards. I happily agreed.

I meet Nicole downtown and we chat and have a great time together. She asked about Daniel and our future engagement plans, and I talked about how I thought it was happening soon but I didn’t know when. We giggled about how I might be engaged by the time I see her next, at her baby shower in 2 weeks. I mention that I’m meeting Daniel later today for lunch downtown and she asks if she can walk with me just a few blocks over, talking about how it’s such a nice day out. I said of course and still didn’t think anything of it.

We get there and I see Daniel. Nicole says a quick hello and then leaves, and I take one look at Daniel and immediately know by the look on his face what’s about to happen. A thousand thoughts ran through my head – why didn’t I wash my hair this morning?? I wish I’d worn cuter shoes like my Tory Burch flats instead of my Hunter rain boots…I’m wearing my sweater with holes in it…Does Nicole know what’s about to happen?? My heart began to race and Daniel led me by the hand over to a planned spot. I looked around and saw my roommate Katelyn, who’s a wedding photographer (Kate Price Photography) hiding with her camera. I screamed.

Daniel took both my hands and started talking to me and the next thing I knew, he reached into his back pocket to get a ring box and got down on one knee. And I swear, the whole world stopped for a moment. I gasped. He asked and I said yes.

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He lifted me off the ground in a huge hug and Katelyn took the most priceless photos. I asked, “Did Nicole know?!!” He said yes, and Nicole came over to congratulate us and gave me an engagement present she had in her purse the whole time we were chatting earlier. It was so special to me that both her and Katelyn could be there for that moment. What a monumental event and I love that Daniel incorporated some of my dearest friends.

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We left downtown in a foggy cloud of romance and bliss. We called our family and friends, whose reactions were filled with joy and excitement. More surprises continued through the day, including a surprise happy hour Daniel planned for me with some of my closest girlfriends, and coming home to another surprise party with more friends and family. The whole day was so sweet and so well planned. I felt so loved!

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Photography: Kate Price Photography