Allie and Corey

Image 1 of Alexandria (Allie) and Corey

How We Met

Allie and Corey met at the Indiana casino in March of 2014. They were both there attending the retro nightclub called Boogie Nights. Corey was there for a bachelor party and Allie was there with her girlfriends for a birthday party. How the two found each other you might ask? As Corey would say “I came down the escalator and over in the corner saw a group of girls in neon colors and tutu’s… That is when I pointed and told the boys “There!”” Yes, Allie’s group of girls were in tutu’s and neon colors, this is what the birthday girl wanted!

One of Allie’s friends grabbed Allie after talking to Corey and introduced the two. After a short conversation, Corey decided he wanted to ask Allie to dance. The two danced the night away, holding multiple conversations, getting to know one another. From that night until October 2014 (7 months) the two decided to go on a lot of dates, hang out with one another and take their time to get to know each other.

October 10th, 2014, Corey decided he wanted to take Allie out to dinner. The two enjoyed some wine and a nice dinner at Cooper’s Hawk. Following after the dinner Corey decided to ask Allie out and with excitement Allie answer “Yes!” Once it was official, the two dated for two years before Corey decided he wanted to make the next big commitment.

how they asked

October 15th, 2016 Allie was prepared to take their friends engagement photo shoot in Red River Gorg, Kentucky. So eager to hike, spend time with friends and doing what she loves which is taking photo’s, she was unaware what Corey had planned. Towards the end of the trip the two couples decided to take fall pictures down this gravel road which Corey knew was Allie’s all time favorite season. The leafs were turning orange, red and yellow and the tree’s were beautiful. Sarah, Allie and Coreys friend, mentioned she’d take photos for them. While walking down the gravel path, Corey turned to Allie, got down on one knee and asked his future wife to marry him! With excitement and tears, Allie said yes!

Image 2 of Alexandria (Allie) and Corey