Allie and Clayton

How We Met

We met on Tinder!

The crazy thing is that while I was in college, my 16 year old sister set me up a Tinder and made the match. Clayton’s profile literally said “ I’m 6”7, anything else you need to know?” His sense of humor had me from day one. We started our first date with sushi, that led to the turtle races, which led us to moving to California, and then buying a house together the Thursday before he proposed on Saturday!

how they asked

For the past 2 and a half years of dating it has been our tradition to go deer hunting the opening season in Arkansas.

Clayton and I made our first big commitment together by getting a puppy. Since then, she has become OUR WORLD.

It just so happened that opening weekend was also the weekend of our fur baby’s first birthday! So as any normal mother would do, I wanted photos. Clayton had a sweet family friend who did photography and would be there that same weekend.

We set our puppy up in a gorgeous open field with nothing but towering trees behind her. The pictures were looking incredible! Right in the middle of the photos, Clayton asks if he could get one of just him and I. Which was very odd at the moment considering how concerned I was about getting good lighting for our pup. However, I obliged. So we took a photo and then he turns to me. All I can think is “this is one awkward prom photo pose.”

Right in that moment he begins to tell me what an incredible woman I am. Then the shaking begin. At that point I knew something was going on…. Then he tells me about the love he has for me. In that moment he got down on one knee and the tears flowed down his cheeks.

I obviously by this point had tears streaming, but managed to squeak out a YES. And the rest was history!

Clayton had searched through more than 400 posts to see which Heidi Gibson rings I’ve liked, they were able to blend all of my most favorite aspects of her designs into one perfect piece for me. It is my dream Heidi Gibson ring given to me by the most incredible man. Can someone pinch me please?!

Allie and Clayton's Engagement in Joan, Arkansas

Special Thanks

Jennifer Phelps