Allie and Chris

How We Met: Christopher and I became friends when we were 14 & 16 (we’re now 22 & 24), where we attended the same high school and church. When we first met, we quickly became friends and maintained a pretty good friendship, always calling one another “favorito(a)”. Once he moved to away to college we still met up during holiday breaks or he’d come pick me up when I was visiting other friends in Lubbock (where he went to school).

The year before he graduated, he told me he always had a crush on me, I had always seen him as a friend, but hearing him say he liked me really made me smile. In May of 2013 he moved back to Dallas after graduation, I was going to college in the area, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. It’s truly a blessing that I get to say that I literally fell in love with my friend, my best friend.

how they asked: We love to travel and since our good friends had moved to Colorado earlier this year, we planned to visit them for a long weekend. We love exploring new places, so we all had decided to go hike in the Maroon Bells area in Aspen. After hiking around for a little while, Chris asked what my favorite view was of the Maroon Bells and I said I loved the lake with the Bells in the background.

Image 1 of Allie and Chris

We were walking back from the hike and Chris suggested we take a few more pictures over there. Our friend Matt had his camera out, and so did his wife, the next thing I now Chris is getting on his knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand.

Image 2 of Allie and Chris

Image 3 of Allie and Chris

It was the most breathing view I had ever seen, the man of my dreams asking me to marry him in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen…

Image 4 of Allie and Chris

Image 5 of Allie and Chris

Image 6 of Allie and Chris

Image 7 of Allie and Chris

Photos by: Matt Moffatt