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As you will see in our proposal story, Cameron and I met as interns at a local baptist church! God has done plenty of crazy things in our lives, but none tops him bringing us together!

how they asked

December 16th, 2017 has easily become my favorite date. This was the day that the love of my life, Cameron Adkins, asked me to spend forever with him! (!!!!!!)

I have told the story so many times and let me just say, it never gets old. Sometimes I’ll share the quick version if someone asks me when I know there isn’t a lot of time, and other times I’ll share the long version, which usually ends with me wishing I told the shorter version. I say this because while I have always been one with words (with writing but especially with talking) I can never seem to find the words to express how beautiful the day really was. But here is my attempt!

The week of the proposal had been a crazy week for the both of us. Cameron had an ordination council on Tuesday, a full workday Wednesday, graduation from the Education Program on Thursday, and graduation from The University of Georgia on Friday. All week he asked me if we could go on a date that Saturday, and of course I said yes! We both agreed that we needed some quality time with one another since the week would be so hectic (and the week had been all about him so it was my turn to get some attention! Just kidding hehe!).

For our date, we planned to go to Snow Mountain since Athens was pretty much the only area that didn’t see snow that week. We had carved out the entire day to spend together, and I was so excited.

He picked me up at my house around 11 o’clock and because I am a big planner, I had a bag packed with snow gear for both of us as well as a change of clothes! I knew we would be playing in the snow so I wore old jeans, an old sweatshirt, socks and chacos because I didn’t want to put on my boots yet. I also had just jumped out the shower and hardly brushed my hair and didn’t have a trace of make up on (because I was definitely not prepared for what was about to happen!). Needless to say, I was ready to get out of town and spend an entire day with Cameron!

Right as we were about to leave my house, Cameron’s phone rang. I was talking in the kitchen with my sister Cara and didn’t pay much attention to Cameron’s phone call. However, I do remember him ending the call with, “yeah, we’ll be right there. Bye.” We left my house, and as we were driving towards town he told me that his friend Cody’s truck died and he needed us to come jump it off. He said that Cody and Dougie were at Harris Shoals Park having a Bible study, and when they went to leave, his truck wouldn’t start. I didn’t think twice about it because they have Bible study every week together. So we got to the park, saw the guys “stranded” and Cameron “jumped off” Cody’s truck. As we were getting back into the car I said “hey Cameron, there’s our spot.”

Background on Harris Shoals Park and “the spot”: two summers ago, Cameron and I were both youth interns at Briarwood Baptist Church where he is now the youth minister. We were both new at the interning thing and had worked together for only a week, so we hardly knew each other. We decided it was only appropriate to get to know each other at 9 o’clock at night at an old, sketchy abandoned baseball field at Harris Shoals Park. That night, Cameron and I sat in the dugout and talked for hours. We shared all about our testimonies, hobbies, interests, families, friends, mistakes, failures, hopes and dreams. After that night, it was pretty clear to me that there was something very special about that boy. A month or so later, Cameron and I started dating. We would often (and still do) go back to that old dugout in Harris Shoals Park. It’s just a spot where we go to relax and enjoy each other’s company whether if it’s for a quick lunch or another long conversation.

So back to the story: after I pointed out our spot to Cameron, he asked if I wanted to go over there. I smiled at the thought but said no, because we didn’t have enough time, especially since Cody’s truck had already gotten us off schedule. But Cameron insisted so I finally agreed.

We were talking and walking hand in hand when all of a sudden, something caught my eye. I saw these huge chalkboards with writing on them. Because trees were covering parts of the boards, I couldn’t quite make out what it said, but I got the point. Cameron saw all of the confusion and excitement on my face and whispered, “just keep walking.” Next, I saw Stephen, our friend from church, who was photographing the whole thing. After that, I realized that this was really happening!! It was real life!!

We got closer and I could see the whole sign now: “Will you marry me?” Once we got to the sign, I heard one of our favorite songs playing and he pulled me close. Then he got down on one knee and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer. Because the moment was so exciting, it was all a blur- later on, we couldn’t even remember if I had answered! Afterwards, we went around the park with Stephen and took pictures.

We did eventually go on our date to Snow Mountain. It was so nice to spend that time with him. On the way there he told me that once we got back there was going to be a few friends and family at my house to celebrate with us. But, he lied (again!) We stopped at the church on the way back into town because he “had to get stuff for work.” He asked me to go into the youth building with him. When I swung open the door, all of our family and friends were there! So many people that have loved and mentored us throughout our lives were gathered together cheering us on. I was in complete shock. The youth building was decorated with the cutest decorations, food, and pictures of us. My sister brought me clothes to change into and a “Future Mrs. Adkins” sash. We were able to celebrate together with our loved ones in the place that means so much to us.

I say all the time that this day was the best day ever, but I know that everyday with Cameron is the best day. I know this to be true because every day since December 16th has been better than the last. We have grown so much just in this short time of being engaged. It hasn’t all been pretty, don’t be fooled, but there is no one else I would want to learn with. I am overflowing with joy and thankfulness and truly believe that the Lord has been way too good to me.

Thank you to everyone who made our engagement so special and to everyone who has loved and encouraged us along the way. We love and cherish you all!

Lastly, thank you Cameron. You are better than anything I have ever prayed for or could have dreamed of. I cannot wait to marry you!!! I love you! #ForeverandAdkins

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