Allie and Brandon

How We Met

It all started on a Thursday afternoon. I was walking to a friend’s house to work on some Spanish homework when I spotted a guy brushing the most beautiful dog I had ever seen outside of his townhome. Now whether I was staring at Brandon or Balto has since been hotly debated, but nevertheless I must have been staring because the guy enthusiastically called out, “Wanna pet my dog?” I thought the invitation was a little weird, but I crossed the street anyway (for the dog). By the way, I was wearing baggy sweatpants and a sweater so… great first impression. We introduced ourselves and I pet what he explained was a Czechoslovakian wolfdog. I must have been really nervous (or just lacking in normal social skills) because I then rudely asked, “Do I know you? Or do you just ask random strangers to pet your dog?”

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How They Asked

Brandon took me to the beach to watch the sunset, and we set up camp near a guitarist who I thought was playing for money. The music was beautiful and when “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” started to play, Brandon got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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I immediately burst into tears and said YES. Afterward, he shook hands with the guitarist because he had hired him just for us! Then the photographer Brandon hired also came up to us and we had a photoshoot on the beach before a candlelit dinner on the water.

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