Allie and A.J.

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How We Met

I am a professional dancer from NYC and I was performing a show in Chicago which is where AJ is from. His dear friend, Everett, was our show’s musical arranger and AJ attended opening night with him. When the show started, I was the first girl to solo in the opening number.

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AJ says that he wanted to meet me from that moment. A few weeks later, Everett set us up on a blind date! We met at Sawada Coffee in the west loop of Chicago in the early afternoon. One cup became two which then turned into an excursion uptown to grab lunch at a vegan restaurant. AJ had never tried vegan food before. We were totally smitten from date 1!

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How They Asked

I was finishing up a show in Lancaster, PA. AJ had come to see my closing night and to help me move my stuff, and my cat, out of company housing to drive back to our NY apartment. The last time we were in PA we went to Longwood Gardens to see the Christmas lights and we wanted to stop by again to admire the spring flowers. The night we left Lancaster we stayed in the most beautiful hotel with this enchanting garden that they sourced their restaurant’s veggies and herbs from. It was such a romantic night, but still, I didn’t suspect a thing!

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The following day we packed up the car again and drove out to drop my cat off at a friend’s house while we enjoyed the gardens. It was early morning and there was almost no one at Longwood. AJ and I strolled around, I stopped to lay on a tree branch, all the while he was sweating to get to the spot!

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He led me to the Italian fountains and sat me down. He reminded me of this beautiful memory box he made me full of pictures of our favorite moments and memories. He said that he wanted to make another one, but this time with me and starting from this moment.

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Then he got down on one knee, presented the ring, and proposed! I didn’t say anything for a few minutes in ecstatic shock! A photographer popped out of hiding and after a quick photo shoot, we enjoyed the flowers and the start of our new chapter!

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Special Thanks

Ashley Black
 | Photographer