Alli and Quinn

Alli's Proposal in Cody, Wyoming

How We Met

Quinn’s side: Alli and I grew up in a small Wyoming town just two houses away from each other. We had never really hung out though we knew each other our entire lives. One of her best friends growing up was my best friend’s little sister. So as we would often be roaming the neighborhood playing soldiers, Alli and her friends would be riding their bikes and doing their own thing. At that age girls were still gross and a reservoir of cooties, so I never paid much attention to them.

I made it all the way through high school without much interaction with Alli, that was until my senior year of high school when she caught my eye. I never looked back. I remember telling my friends I was going to marry her when we had only been talking for a week. We began to talk over social media, which then led to lunch dates and soon winter formal. As time progressed I began to see more and more about Alli that captured my heart. She is truly an anomaly among the ordinary. The single most caring and loving individual I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She raises the bar and allows me to be the man that I am called to be, and sets the standard for those around her through her humility and personality.

I asked her to be my girlfriend on January 15th, 2012 while we were out star-gazing, and the rest has been history. We’ve dated for six years and have grown together in more ways than we could have ever imagined. We look forward to continued growth through the struggles and victories that our forever holds.

Alli and Quinn's Engagement in Cody, Wyoming

how they asked

Alli’s Side: After dating for nearly six years I was hoping that this would be the summer Quinn would pop the question, after all, he was due to start medical school in August and I was not sure it would ever get done if it did not happen this summer. During the summer I had been bummed that I had not gotten to spend as much time with my family as I had hoped, and I must have told Quinn this at some point. So Quinn recruited my family and they planned a full day of activities for us to do. We made a huge breakfast, went and grabbed coffee to sit and chat, went for a hike, got manicures, and anything else we felt like doing. I was in contact with Quinn the entire day, and I didn’t have the slightest clue of what was to come.

As the sun began to set I was sitting at home with my family, when my dad said that he wanted to go and look at a cabin that was about thirty minutes out of town in a very beautiful area. We all packed in the car and headed out to see this ‘mythical’ cabin. The sunset that night was absolutely beautiful and I remember texting Quinn my whole way out there telling him how gorgeous it was outside. As we got closer to the turn where my dad said the cabin was, my mom handed me her phone and said that my aunt and uncle had sent me a video to watch. (Now side note, I lived in Alaska with my aunt and uncle for a semester and helped nanny their four children, they are some of my favorite people on Earth). I was excited to watch! The video [the front half of the proposal video link] ended up being my aunt, uncle, and their kiddos encouraging me, lifting me up, and basically making my heart melt. I soon came to the realization that there was no cabin…

At the end of the video my aunt and uncle directed me to a music stand where there was a letter for me to open. I hoped out of the car, walked over, and the letter read “Press Play”. I opened the iPad on the music stand and stood there crying as I watched Quinn’s spoken word that he had written specifically for me. He recalled events from our six years of dating while also building me up and instilling worth in me by speaking to how he viewed me through his eyes. The spoken word ended with another call to action… “Follow the path to our forever…”

I followed the path that Quinn had cut, and he was standing there with flowers waiting for me at the end of the mountain trail. As you can see in the video, the view was AMAZING, and so was the night. He asked me to be his forever, and I obviously said Yes. Quinn’s brother’s Caleb and Noah were staked out on the surrounding hills getting it all on camera so that we could remember it forever.

He drove me back to town and we called friends and family the whole way home ecstatic to tell them the news, but Quinn had one more surprise up his sleeve. We pulled into my lane, walked into my house, and it was full of both our families welcoming us with hugs, laughter, tears… and ice cream. The perfect end to an amazing night… spending time with those who have helped shape and mold Quinn and I into who we are today. My heart is full.

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