Alli and Mike


How We Met

Mike and I met when I was in college, doing a marketing internship at a fire truck manufacturing company. He was the first person I was introduced to on my starting day, and I instantly knew there was something more that I needed to know about this man. We worked together on many long-term projects and he eventually asked me to be on his bar-league volleyball team. We hit it off instantly and we both knew that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives’ together. He proposed to me 5 months after we started dating and the rest is history!


how they asked

We have this secret destination we jet-off to multiple times a year, located in Nevada. On our second trip last year, we boarded the plane like normal and took our seats. Wendover, NV is like a mini Las Vegas and the flight attendants are always doing raffles and giveaways on the flight there. Like normal, they started with the giveaways and said they were raffling off a new car. When they called our names as the winners, I was so excited! I was pushing Mike out of the way because I needed a new car at the time, so I was ready to claim it as mine.


(Mike loves cars and drove a BMW at the time, so there were no hard feelings about me wanting it over him!)


Once we made it to the front of the plane, the flight attendant actually told me that I hadn’t won a car, but a diamond ring.